The trauma manual : trauma and acute care surgery

  • Peitzman, Andrew B., editor. , Yealy, Donald M., editor. , Fabian, Timothy C., editor. , Schwab, C. William, editor. , Guyette, Francis X., editor. , Seamon, Mark J., editor. , Zuckerbraun, Brian S., editor.
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • 2020
The trauma manual : trauma and acute care surgery


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Covering all areas of trauma, critical care, and emergency surgery, The Trauma Manual: Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 5th Edition, brings you fully up to date with recent changes in the field. This pocket manual is an indispensable resource for everyone on the trauma/acute care team, with practical, easy-to-read coverage of the wide range of patients seen daily with urgent presentation – whether from injury, emergency general surgical disease, or a major complication. This user-friendly manual is one that every trauma surgeon, surgical resident, surgical critical care specialist, emergency medicine physician, and emergency or trauma nurse will want to keep close at hand for daily use.


Section I General 1
Acute Care Surgery: Key Concepts 3
Andrew B. Peitzman
Introduction to Trauma Care 7
Amy N. Hildreth • C. Caleb Butts • J. Wayne Meredith
Physiologic Response to Injury 16
Vanessa Nomellini • Carrie Sims
Airway Management and Anesthesia 22
Paul E. Phrampus • Henry E. Wang • Donald M. Yealy
Initial Assessment and Resuscitation 34
Brian P. Smith • C. William Schwab
Shock 48
J. B. Moses • Jason L. Sperry
Damage Control Surgery 57
Lillian Liao • Brian J. Eastridge • Michael Rotondo
Blood and Transfusion 64
Joshua J. Sumislawski • Matthew D. Neal • Mitchell Jay Cohen
Nutrition 75
Stacy Pelekhaty • Rosemary Kozar
Complications of Wound Healing 89
Rafael G. Ramos-Jimenez • Matthew D. Neal
Field Response, Triage, and Prehospital Management 98
Joshua B. Brown • Christian Martin-Gill
Retrieval and Interhospital Transport of Trauma Patients 111
Francis X. Guyette • Jason Cohen
Disasters and Mass Casualty Incidents 116
Susan M. Briggs
Trauma Team Activation and Response 127
Ronnie N. Mubang • Patrick M. Reilly • William S. Hoff
Imaging of Trauma Patients 138Endovascular Techniques, Balloons, and Angioembolization 157
Jason Pasley • Melanie Hoehn • Megan Brenner
Sepsis 170
Anthony J. Lewis • Matthew R. Rosengart
Infections, Antibiotic Utilization, and Antibiotic Management 179
Charles Vasquez • Lewis J. Kaplan
Trauma Pain Management 219
Alex M. Dressler • Scott A. Brancolini • Donald M. Yealy
Venous Thromboembolism 229
Selma Marie Siddiqui • Elliott R. Haut
Operating Room Practice, Operative Approaches 239
Elizabeth Dauer • Lars Sjoholm • Amy Goldberg
Trauma System Development 243
Frederick B. Rogers • C. William Schwab
Injury Prevention 250
Cody L. Mullens • Douglas J. Wiebe
Rehabilitation Concerns in the Trauma Setting 256
John A. Horton III
Palliative Care 267
Myrick C. Shinall Jr • Zara Cooper
Trauma in Children 277
Gary W. Nace • Michael L. Nance
Care of the Pregnant Trauma Patient 293
Rachel L. Warner • Daniel J. Grabo • C. William Schwab
Trauma in Older Adults 301
K. Conley Coleman • Daniel J. Grabo • C. William Schwab
Section II Trauma 309
Introduction to Trauma: Mechanism of Injury 311
Brian C. Beldowicz • Gregory J. Jurkovich
Traumatic Brain Injury 323
Michael A. Vella • James M. Schuster • Jose L. Pascual
Maxillofacial Injury 337
William L. Chung • James M. Russavage • Mark W. Ochs
Spinal Cord and Spinal Column 360
Patricia Zadnik Sullivan • Matthew Sanborn • Laclan J. Smith • Neil Malhotra
Ophthalmic Injury 381
S. Tonya Stefko • Donald M. Yealy Thoracic Injury 401
Erik J. Olson • Adam M. Shiroff • Mark J. Seamon
Thoracic Injury: Cardiac and Major Vascular Injury 414
Joseph Fernandez-Moure • Adam M. Shiroff • Mark J. Seamon
Abdominal Trauma 425
Alain Corcos • Cheryl Six • L. D. Britt • Andrew B. Peitzman
Abdominal Vascular Injury 459
Charles P. Shahan • Timothy C. Fabian
Genitourinary Injuries 466
Robert C. Kovell • Thomas J. Guzzo
Orthopedic Trauma, Fractures, and Dislocations 477
Rikesh A. Gandhi • Matthew Winterton • Samir Mehta • L. Scott Levin
Peripheral Vascular Injuries 500
Louis J. Magnotti • John P. Sharpe • Timothy C. Fabian
Burns and Inhalation Injury 515
Anju B. Saraswat • James H. Holmes IV
Section III The Intensive Care Unit 529
Priorities in the ICU: Care of the Adult Trauma Patient 531
Lily Tung • Niels D. Martin
Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome 554
Martin D. Rosenthal • Philip A. Efron • Scott C. Brakenridge
Cardiovascular Disease and Monitoring 564
Megan T. Quintana • Thomas Scalea
Acute Kidney Injury 578
Junichi Izawa • Feihu Zhou • John A. Kellum
Acute Respiratory Failure and Mechanical Ventilation 585
Jason A. Fawley • Lena M. Napolitano
Abdominal Compartment Syndrome, Open Abdomen,
Enteroatmospheric Fistula 602
Rao R. Ivatury
Liver Failure 609
Jeffrey Della Volpe • Ali Al-Khafaji
Support of the Organ Donor 618
Shelby Resnick • Patrick K. Kim
Accidental and Therapeutic Hypothermia, Cold Injury, and Drowning 627
Samuel A. TishermanSection IV Emergency Surgery 635
Introduction to Emergency General Surgery: Evaluation
of the Acute Abdomen 637
David V. Feliciano • Grace F. Rozycki
Preparation, Initial Resuscitation, and Management of the Patient
for the Emergency Operation 646
Benjamin J. Moran • Brandon R. Bruns
Acute Abdomen in ICU Patients 651
Alexandra Briggs • Matthew R. Rosengart
Bowel Obstruction 661
Leslie Kobayashi • Raul Coimbra
Gastrointestinal Bleeding 675
Shimena Li • Brian S. Zuckerbraun
Acute Pancreatitis 690
Ari Leppäniemi • Matti Tolonen
Biliary Tract Disease 697
Jin H. Ra • Benjamin Braslow
Appendicitis 712
Shariq S. Raza • Daniel N. Holena • C. William Schwab
Esophagus, Stomach, and Duodenum 719
Louis H. Alarcon • Ryan M. Levy • James D. Luketich
Inflammatory Diseases of the Intestines 734
Sidrah Khan • Brian S. Zuckerbraun
Acute Anorectal Pain 763
Kellie E. Cunningham • Jennifer Holder-Murray
Soft Tissue Infection 774
Cheralyn Hendrix • Babak Sarani
Vascular Emergencies 781
Kelly Kempe
Hernias 793
Peter E. Fischer • Jennifer M. DiCocco • Timothy C. Fabian
Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies 804
Glenn M. Updike
Laparoscopic Treatment of the Acute Abdomen (Emergency and Trauma) 817
Abe Fingerhut • Selman Uranues • Luigi Boni
Miscellaneous Procedures 829
Alberto García • José Luis Aldana • Juan Carlos Puyana
Scoring for Injury and Emergency General Surgery 847Section V Surgical Rescue, Complications 857
Rescue in Acute Care Surgery 859
Daniel N. Holena • Andrew B. Peitzman
Complications of Tracheostomy and Intubation 865
Josh Hazelton • Steven Ross
Complications of PEG Tubes, Jejunostomy Tubes, and EGD 874
Stephen Dingley • Brian A. Hoey • Roderick M. Quiros • Stanislaw P. Stawicki
Complications of Gastrointestinal Surgery 881
Esmaeel Reza Dadashzadeh • Rafael G. Ramos-Jimenez • Kenneth K. W. Lee
Complications of Bariatric Surgery 901
Anita P. Courcoulas
Retained Hemothorax, Pleural Effusion, and Empyema 919
Fulin Lillian Lee • Jeremy W. Cannon
Appendix A: AAST Organ Injury Scales 927
Appendix B: AAST Emergency General Surgery Scores 945

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