25 Years of p53 Research [electronic resource]

  • Hainaut, Pierre. editor. , Wiman, Klas G. editor.
  • 2005
25 Years of p53 Research [electronic resource]
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    25 Years of p53 Research[electronic resource] / edited by Pierre Hainaut, Klas G. Wiman.
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    Hainaut, Pierre., editor., Wiman, Klas G., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    XII, 446 p. : online resource.
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    The First Twenty-Five Years of p53 Research -- Regulation of p53 DNA Binding -- 20 Years of DNA Damage Signaling to p53 -- Gatekeepers of the Guardian: p53 Regulation by Post-Translational Modification, MDM2 and MDMX -- Regulation of the p53 Response by Cellular Growth and Survival Factors -- P53, Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis -- P53 Has a Direct Pro-apoptotic Action at the Mitochondria -- Manipulating the p53 Gene in the Mouse: Organismal Functions of a Prototype Tumor Suppressor -- P53, P63, and P73: Internecine Relations? -- P73, P63 and Mutant P53: Members of Protein Complexs Floating in Cancer Cells -- P53: Gatekeeper, Caretaker or Both? -- Analysis of p53 Gene Alterations in Cancer: A Critical View -- Patterns of TP53 Mutations in Human Cancer: Interplay Between Mutagenesis, DNA Repair and Selection -- Prognostic and Predictive Value of TP53 Mutations in Human Cancer -- P53 Links Tumor Development to Cancer Therapy -- Novel p53-Based Therapies: Strategies and Future Prospects -- Wild Type p53 Conformation, Structural Consequences of p53 Mutations and Mechanisms of Mutant p53 Rescue -- Mutant p53 Reactivation as a Novel Strategy for Cancer Therapy -- Novel Approaches to p53-Based Therapy: ONYX-015 -- p53 as Seen by an Outsider.
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