The neuro-ophthalmology survival guide [electronic resource]

  • Anthony Pane , Miller, Neil R. , Burdon, Michael
  • Elsevier
  • 2018
The neuro-ophthalmology survival guide [electronic resource]


1. Staying out of trouble
2. Blurred vision or field loss : Not explained by visible ocular disease: optic disc/s normal, swollen, pale or “cupped”
3. Swollen disc/s, normal vision : (Note: for swollen disc/s with blurred vision or field loss, see Chapter 2 )
4. Transient visual loss
5. Double vision
6. “Seeing things”
7. Abnormal movement or orientation of the visual world
8. Abnormal eye movements without visual symptoms
9. Unequal pupils
10. Ptosis
11. Facial weakness or spasm
12. Unexplained eye pain, orbital pain or headache
13. Neuro-ophthalmic history and examination