Nano-Biotechnology for Biomedical and Diagnostic Research [electronic resource]

  • Zahavy, Eran. editor. , Ordentlich, Arie. editor. , Yitzhaki, Shmuel. editor. , Shafferman, Avigdor. editor.
  • 2012
Nano-Biotechnology for Biomedical and Diagnostic Research [electronic resource]
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    Nano-Biotechnology for Biomedical and Diagnostic Research[electronic resource] / edited by Eran Zahavy, Arie Ordentlich, Shmuel Yitzhaki, Avigdor Shafferman.
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    Zahavy, Eran., editor., Ordentlich, Arie., editor., Yitzhaki, Shmuel., editor., Shafferman, Avigdor., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    VIII, 182 p. 84 illus., 24 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology,0065-2598 ; 733
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    Preface -- 1. Biomolecule/Nanomaterial Hybrid Systems for Nanobiotechnology -- 2. Superresolution Optical Flunctuation Imaging -- 3. Application of Nanoparticles for the Detection and Sorting of Pathogenic Bacteria by Flow-Cytometry -- Conclusion -- 4. Advancing Nanostructured Porous Si-Based Optical Transducers for Label Free Bacteria Detection -- 5. Gold Fibers as a Platform for Biosensing -- 6. Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Organic Molecules Adsorbed on Metallic Nanoparticles -- 7. Quantum Dots and Fluorescent Protein FRET-based Biosensors -- 8. Semiconductor Quantum Dots as FRET-Acceptors for Multiplexed Diagnostics and Molecular Ruler Application -- 혻9. Assembly and Microscopic Characterization of DNA Origami Structures -- 10. DNA Nanotechnology -- 11. Role of Carbohydrate (lectin) receptors in the Macrophage Uptake of Dextran-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles.-혻 12. Toxicity of Gold Nanoparticles on Somatic and Reproductive Cells -- 13. Ultrasound Activated Nano-Encapsulated Targeted Drug Delivery and Tumour Cell Poration -- 14. Ultrasound Mediated Localized Drug Delivery -- 15. Sonochemical Proteinaceous Microspheres for Wound Healing -- 16. Alendronate Liposomes for Antitumor Therapy: Activation of 款灌 T Cells and Inhibition of Tumor Growth.
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