Neuroglia in the Aging Brain [electronic resource]

  • Vellis, Jean S. de. editor.
  • 2002
Neuroglia in the Aging Brain [electronic resource]
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    Neuroglia in the Aging Brain[electronic resource] / edited by Jean S. de Vellis.
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    Vellis, Jean S. de., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    XIII, 513 p. : online resource.
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    Contemporary Neuroscience
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    1 ??Neuromorphological Changes in Neuronal and Neuroglial Populations of the Cerebral Cortex in the Aging Rat: Neurochemical Correlations -- 2 ??Diversity in Reactive Astrocytes -- 3 ??Astrocytic Reaction After Traumatic Brain Injury -- 4 ??Astrocytes In Situ Exhibit Functional Neurotransmitter Receptors -- 5 ??Glia and Extracellular Space Diffusion Parameters in the Injured and Aging Brain -- 6 ??Intercellular Diffusional Coupling between Glial Cells in Slices from the Striatum -- 7 ??Glial Cell Involvement in Brain Repair and the Effects of Aging -- 8 ??ATP Signaling in Schwann Cells -- 9 ??Gliosis Growth Factors in the Adult and Aging Rat Brain -- 10 ??Role of Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 in Astrogliosis -- 11 ??Trophins as Mediators of Astrocyte Effects in the Aging and Regenerating Brain -- 12 ??Responses in the Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System to Aging -- 13 ??Effects of Estrogens and Thyroid Hormone on Development and Aging of Astrocytes and Oligodendrocytes -- 14 ??Neurotoxic Injury and Astrocytes -- 15 ??Ammonium Ion Transport in Astrocytes: Functional Implications -- 16 ??Molecular Anatomy of the Blood-Brain Barrier in Development and Aging -- 17 ??The Blood-Brain Barrier in the Aging Brain -- 18 ??Astrocytes and Barrier-provided Microvasculature in the Developing Brain -- 19 ??Microglial and Astrocytic Reactions in Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- 20 ??Activated Neuroglia in Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- 21 ??Reactive Astroglia in the Ataxic Form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: Cytology and Organization in the Cerebellar Cortex -- 22 ??Ischemic Injury, Astrocytes, and the Aging Brain -- 23 ??Glial-Neuronal Interactions during Oxidative Stress: Implications for Parkinson?셲 Disease -- 24 ??Astrocytic Changes Associated with Epileptic Seizures -- 25 ??Synaptic and Neuroglial Pathobiology in Acute and Chronic Neurological Disorders -- 26 ??Astrocytes and Ammonia in Hepatic Encephalopathy.
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