Neural Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols [electronic resource]

  • Zigova, Tanja. editor. , Sanberg, Paul R. editor. , Sanchez-Ramos, Juan R. editor.
  • 2002
Neural Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols [electronic resource]
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    Neural Stem Cells: Methods and Protocols[electronic resource] / edited by Tanja Zigova, Paul R. Sanberg, Juan R. Sanchez-Ramos.
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    Zigova, Tanja., editor., Sanberg, Paul R., editor., Sanchez-Ramos, Juan R., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    XIV, 381 p. 196 illus., 43 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Methods in Molecular Biology,1064-3745 ; 198
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    Isolation and Culture of NSCs -- Neural Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells -- Production and Analysis of Neurospheres from Acutely Dissociated and Postmortem CNS Specimens -- Isolation of Stem and Precursor Cells from Fetal Tissue -- Olfactory Ensheathing Cells -- Culturing Olfactory Ensheathing Glia from the Mouse Olfactory Epithelium -- Production of Immortalized Human Neural Crest Stem Cells -- Adult Rodent Spinal Cord Derived Neural Stem Cells -- Preparation of Neural Progenitors from Bone Marrow and Umbilical Cord Blood -- Seeding Neural Stem Cells on Scaffolds of PGA, PLA, and Their Copolymers -- Characterization of NSCs in VITRO -- Analysis of Cell Generation in theTelencephalic Neuroepithelium -- Clonal Analyses and Cryopreservation of Neural Stem Cell Cultures -- Assessing the Involvement of Telomerase in Stem Cell Biology -- Detection of Telomerase Activity in Neural Cells -- In Vitro Assays for Neural Stem Cell Differentiation -- Electron Microscopy and Lac-Z Labeling -- Techniques for Studying the Electrophysiology of Neurons Derived from Neural Stem/Progenitor Cells -- Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization -- RT-PCR Analyses of Differential Gene Expression in ES-Derived Neural Stem Cells -- Differential Display -- Cell Labeling and Gene Misexpression by Electroporation -- Gene Therapy Using Neural Stem Cells -- Modeling Brain Pathologies Using Neural Stem Cells -- Utilization/Characterization of NSCs in Vivo -- Activation and Differentiation of Endogenous Neural Stem Cell Progeny in the Rat Parkinson Animal Model -- Identification of Musashi1-Positive Cells in Human Normal and Neoplastic Neuroepithelial Tissues by Immunohistochemical Methods -- Identification of Newborn Cells by BrdU Labeling and Immunocytochemistry In Vivo -- Immunocytochemical Analysis of Neuronal Differentiation -- Neuroanatomical Tracing of Neuronal Projections with Fluoro-Gold -- Labeling Stem Cells In Vitro for Identification of Their Differentiated Phenotypes After Grafting into the CNS -- Optimizing Stem Cell Grafting into the CNS -- Vision-Guided Technique for Cell Transplantation and Injection of Active Molecules into Rat and Mouse Embryos -- Transplantation into Neonatal Rat Brain as a Tool to Study Properties of Stem Cells -- Routes of Stem Cell Administration in the Adult Rodent.
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