A Molecular and Cellular View of Protein Kinase CK2 [electronic resource]

  • Ahmed, Khalil. editor. , Issinger, O. G. editor. , Chambaz, E. editor.
  • 1999
A Molecular and Cellular View of Protein Kinase CK2 [electronic resource]
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    A Molecular and Cellular View of Protein Kinase CK2[electronic resource] / edited by Khalil Ahmed, O. G. Issinger, E. Chambaz.
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    Ahmed, Khalil., editor., Issinger, O. G., editor., Chambaz, E., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    V, 239 p. : online resource.
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    Developments in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry ; 27
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    CK2, a protein kinase of the next millennium -- A multifunctional network of basic residues confers unique properties to protein kinase CK2 -- Intermolecular contact sites in protein kinase CK2 -- Binding a polylysine to protein kinase CK2, measured by Surface Plasmon Resonance -- Functional analysis of CK2?-derived synthetic fragments -- Dissecting subdomains involved in multiple functions of the CK2? subunit -- Interactions of protein kinase CK2? subunit within the holoenzyme and with other proteins -- CK2? loci in the human genome: Structure and transcriptional activity -- Murine protein kinase CK2: Gene and oncogene -- Interactions of protein kinase CK2 subunits -- Mutations in the C-terminal domain of topoisomerase II affect meiotic function and interaction with the casein kinase 2? subunit -- Association of protein kinase CK2 with eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF-2 and with grp94/endoplasmin -- Searching interaction partners of protein kinase CK2? subunit by two-hybrid screening -- Protein kinase CK2 interacts with a multi-protein binding domain of p53 -- BTF3 is a potential new substrate of protein kinase CK2 -- Protein kinase CK2? may induce gene expression but unlikely acts directly as a DNA-binding transcription-activating factor -- Role of protein kinase CK2 in phosphorylation of nucleosomal proteins in relation to transcriptional activity -- A review of progress towards elucidating the role of protein kinase CK2 in polymerase III transcription : Regulation of the TATA binding protein -- The binding of the? subunit of protein kinase CK2 and RAP74 subunit of TFIIF to protein-coding genes in living cells is DRB sensitive -- Transcriptional regulation of the S. cerivisiae ENA1 gene by casein kinase II -- A role for casein kinase II phosphorylation in the regulation of IRF-1 transcriptional activity -- A structural model for elongation factor 1 (EF-1) and phosphorylation by protein kinase CKII -- Protein kinase CK2-dependent regulation of p53 function: Evidence that the phosphorylation status of the serine 386 (CK2) site of p53 is constitutive and stable -- Distribution of CK2, its substrate MAP1B and phosphatases in neuronal cells -- CK2? ??protein phosphatase 2A molecular complex: Possible interaction with the MAP kinase pathway -- Expression and regulation of protein kinase CK2 during the cell cycle -- Identification of proteins that associate with protein kinase CK2 -- Multiple forms of protein kinase CK2 present in leukemic cells: In vitro study of its origin by proteolysis -- Index to Volume 191.
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