Image-guided interventions [electronic resource]

  • Mauro, Matthew A. , Murphy, Kieran P.J. , Thomson, Kenneth R. , Venbrux, Anthony C. , Morgan, Robert A.
  • Elsevier
  • 2021
Image-guided interventions [electronic resource]


Part 1: Vascular interventions
History of angiography and intervention
Patient care
Principles of vascular intervention
Peripheral arterial intervention
Vascular malformations
Abdominal vascular intervention
Pelvic vascular intervention
Thoracic vascular intervention
Neurovascular and head and neck intervention
Venous intervention
Venous sampling for endocrine disease
Intervention in portal hypertension
Hemodialysis access management
Venous access

Part 2: Nonvascular interventions
Percutaneous biopsy and drainage
The gastrointestinal tract
The biliary tract
The liver
The genitourinary tract
The thorax
The musculoskeletal system