Principles and practice of sleep medicine

  • Kryger, Meir H., editor. , Roth, T. (Tom), editor. , Dement, William C., 1928- editor.
  • 2017
Principles and practice of sleep medicine
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    Principles and practice of sleep medicine / [edited by] Meir Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement.
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    Sixth edition.
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    Kryger, Meir H.,, editor., Roth, T., (Tom),, editor., Dement, William C., , 1928-, editor.
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    1 online resource (li, 1678, 4 pages) : illustrations (chiefly color), portraits.
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    Revison of: Principles and practice of sleep medicine / [edited by] Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement. 5th ed. ?011.
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    Includes bibliographical references.
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    History of sleep physiology and medicine -- Normal human sleep : an overview -- Normal aging -- Daytime sleepiness and alertness -- Sleep deprivation -- Genetics of normal human sleep -- Neural control of sleep in mammals -- Rapid eye movement sleep -- Novel techniques for identifying sleep mechanisms and disorders -- Sleep in animals : a state of adaptive inactivity -- Relevance of sleep physiology for sleep medicine clinicians -- What brain imaging reveals about sleep generation and maintenance -- Cardiovascular physiology and coupling with respiration : central and autonomic regulation -- Cardiovascular physiology : autonomic control in health and in sleep disorders -- Respiratory physiology : central neural control of respiratory neurons and motoneurons during sleep -- Respiratory physiology : understanding the control of ventilation -- Physiology of upper and lower airways -- Respiratory physiology : sleep at high altitudes -- Sleep and host defense -- Endocrine physiology in relation to sleep and sleep disturbances -- Thermoregulation in sleep and hibernation -- Memory processing in relation to sleep -- Sensory and motor processing during sleep and wakefulness -- Opiate action on sleep and breathing -- Pathophysiology of sleep-wake disturbances after traumatic brain injury -- Introduction : genetics and genomics of sleep -- Genetics and genomics of circadian clocks -- Genetics and genomic basis of sleep in simple model organisms -- Genetics and genomic basis of sleep in rodents -- Genetics and genomic basis of sleep in healthy humans -- Genetics and genomic basis of sleep disorders in humans -- Introduction : master circadian clock and master circadian rhythm -- Anatomy of the mammalian circadian system -- Physiology of the mammalian circadian system -- Human circadian timing system and sleep-wake regulation -- Sleep homeostasis and models of sleep regulation -- Circadian rhythms in sleepiness, alertness, and performance -- Central and peripheral circadian clocks -- Circadian dysregulation in mental and physical health -- Circadian disorders of the sleep-wake cycle -- Hypnotic medications : mechanisms of action and pharmacologic effects -- Clinical pharmacology of other drugs used as hypnotics -- Wake-promoting medications : basic mechanisms and pharmacology -- Wake-promoting medications : efficacy and adverse effects -- Drugs that disturb sleep and wakefulness -- Effects of hypnotic drugs on driving performance -- Introduction -- Why we dream -- Dream content : quantitative findings -- Brain correlates of successful dream recall -- Neurobiology of dreaming -- Lucid dreaming -- Nightmares and nightmare function -- Incorporation of waking experiences into dreams -- Dreams and nightmares in posttraumatic stress disorder -- Emotion, motivation, and reward in relation to dreaming -- Approach to the patient with disordered sleep -- Cardinal manifestations of sleep disorders -- Physical examination in sleep medicine -- Use of clinical tools and tests in sleep medicine -- Classification of sleep disorders -- Epidemiology of sleep medicine -- Sleep medicine, public policy, and public health -- Sleep and athletic performance -- Sleep forensics : criminal culpability for sleep-related violence -- Legal obligations of persons who have sleep disorders or who treat or hire them -- Legal aspects of fatigue- and safety-sensitive professions -- Sleep medicine clinical practice and compliance--united states -- Sleep medicine clinical practice and compliance: Europe -- Introduction -- Performance deficits during sleep loss and their operational consequences -- Sleep and performance prediction modeling -- Fatigue risk management systems -- Drowsiness in transportation workers -- Shift work, shift-work disorder, and jet lag -- Sleep problems in first responders and in deployed military personnel -- Sleep, occupational stress, and burnout -- Optimizing shift scheduling -- Obstructive sleep apnea in the workplace -- Insomnia : recent developments and future directions -- Insomnia : epidemiology and risk factors -- Etiology and pathophysiology of insomnia --
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    Sleep disorders.
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    Revision of:Principles and practice of sleep medicine5th ed.?011.
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    Print version: Principles and practice of sleep medicine. Sixth edition 9780323242882 (DLC) 2015044903 (OCoLC)930014536
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    9780323377522, 0323377521
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