Berek & Novak's gynecology [electronic resource]

  • Berek, Jonathan S.
  • Wolters Kluwer
  • 2020
Berek & Novak's gynecology [electronic resource]


Covering the entire spectrum of women’s healthcare , Berek & Novak’s Gynecology, 16th Edition, provides definitive information and guidance for trainees and practicing physicians. A newly streamlined design and brilliant, full-color illustrations highlight must-know content on principles of practice and initial assessment, including relevant basic science; preventive and primary care for women; and methods of diagnosis and management in general gynecology, operative gynecology, urogynecology and pelvic reconstructive surgery, early pregnancy issues, reproductive endocrinology, and gynecologic oncology.
Features a modern, two-column design throughout, for an easier-to-manage volume with unabridged content.
Contains thoroughly revised, clinically-focused information, including a new chapter on violence against women and sexual assault.
Offers authoritative discussions on current topics such as robotics, power morcellation, and gender identity issues.
Includes key points at the beginning of each chapter that are annotated throughout; exhaustive reference lists for more in-depth study and highlighted top references; and updated illustrations and photographs.


Section I: Principles of Practice
Chapter 1: Initial Assessment and Communication
Chapter 2: Principles of Patient Care
Chapter 3: Quality, Safety, and Performance Improvement
Chapter 4: Clinical Research
Chapter 5: Anatomy and Embryology
Chapter 6: Molecular Biology and Genetics
Chapter 7: Reproductive Physiology
Section II: Gynecology Topics
Chapter 8: Puberty
Chapter 9: Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Chapter 10: Adult Gynecology: Reproductive Years
Chapter 11: Uterine Fibroids
Chapter 12: Pelvic Pain and Dysmenorrhea
Chapter 13: Endometriosis
Chapter 14: Family Planning
Chapter 15: Genitourinary Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 16: Intraepithelial Disease of the Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva
Chapter 17: Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunction
Chapter 18: Menopause
Chapter 19: Benign Breast Disease
Chapter 20: Violence Against Women and Sexual Assault
Section III: Primary Medical Care
Chapter 21: Preventive Health Care and Screening
Chapter 22: Primary Care
Chapter 23: Common Psychiatric Problems
Chapter 24: Complementary and Integrative Health Approaches
Section IV: Operative Gynecology
Chapter 25: Preoperative Evaluation and Postoperative Management
Chapter 26: Gynecologic Endoscopy
Chapter 27: Hysterectomy
Chapter 28: Robotics
Section V: Urogynecology
Chapter 29: Urinary Tract
Chapter 30: Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Chapter 31: Anorectal Dysfunction
Section VI: Early Pregnancy Issues
Chapter 32: Early Pregnancy Loss and Ectopic Pregnancy
Chapter 33: Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
Section VII: Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
Chapter 34: Amenorrhea
Chapter 35: Endocrine Disorders
Chapter 36: Infertility
Section VIII: Gynecologic Oncology
Chapter 37: Uterine Cancer
Chapter 38: Cervical and Vaginal Cancer
Chapter 39: Ovarian, Fallopian Tube, and Peritoneal Cancer
Chapter 40: Vulvar Cancer
Chapter 41: Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Chapter 42: Breast Cancer

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