Oncoplastic surgery of the breast [electronic resource]

  • Nahabedian, Maurice Y.
  • Elsevier
  • 2020
Oncoplastic surgery of the breast [electronic resource]


1. Introduction to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
2. Safety of Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction
3. Indications and Patient Selection for Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
4. Oncoplasty versus Mastectomy : Decisions and Outcomes
5. Breast Surgeons and Oncoplastic Surgery
6. Plastic Surgeon’s Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
7. Volume Displacement and Volume Replacement Techniques
8. Reduction Mammaplasty Techniques for Oncoplastic Surgery
9. Mastopexy Techniques
10. Local Flap Techniques for Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction
11. Free Flap Techniques
12. Breast Augmentation Technique (Biplanar) for Oncoplasty
13. Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Using a Three-Dimensional Absorbent Coil
14. Lipofilling and Oncoplasty
15. Extreme Oncoplasty
16. Oncoplastic Variations Based on Tumor Location
17. Complications of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
18. Local Recurrence and Reconstructive Options Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
19. Surveillance and Imaging Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
20. Radiation Therapy Considerations and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery
21. Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery