Atlas of gynecologic surgical pathology [electronic resource]

  • Clement, Philip B. , Stall, Jennifer N. , Young, Robert H.
  • Elsevier.
  • 2020
Atlas of gynecologic surgical pathology [electronic resource]


Comprehensive in scope and easy to use, Atlas of Gynecologic Surgical Pathology, 4th Edition, provides the current, authoritative information you need to effectively sign out cases in female genital pathology. In this 4th Edition, internationally renowned authors Drs. Philip B. Clement and Robert H. Young are joined by new co-author Dr. Jennifer Stall to continue this bestselling atlas’s tradition of excellence. Hundreds of superb pathologic images, diagnostic pearls, and fully updated content make this practical, bench-side resource ideal for minimizing risks in reporting both routine and difficult cases.


Non-neoplastic lesions and benign tumors of the vulva
Malignant tumors of the vulva
The vagina
Tumor-like lesions and benign tumors of the uterine cervix
Invasive squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix and its precursors
Adenocarcinomas of the cervix, related tumors, and their precursors
Non-neoplastic lesions of the uterine corpus
Endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma
Mesenchymal and mixed epithelial-mesenchymal tumors of the uterine corpus and cervix
Trophoblastic lesions, miscellaneous primary uterine neoplasms, hematopoietic neoplasms, and metastatic neoplasms to the uterus
The fallopian tube and broad ligament
Tumor-like lesions of the ovary
Surface epithelial-stromal tumors: general features, serous tumors, and mucinous tumors
Surface epithelial-stromal tumors: endometrioid, clear cell, transitional, squamous, rare, undifferentiated, and mixed cell types
Germ cell tumors of the ovary
Sex cord-stromal and steroid cell tumors of the ovary
Miscellaneous primary ovarian tumors
Metastatic tumors of the ovary (including pseudomyxoma peritonei, hematolymphoid neoplasms, and tumors with functioning stroma)
Endometriosis and lesions of the secondary müllerian system
Tumor-like lesions and tumors of the peritoneum (non-müllerian lesions)

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