Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 96 [electronic resource]

  • Br첩ns, Morton. editor. , Bends첩e, Martin Philip. editor. , S첩rensen, Mads Peter. editor.
  • 1997
Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 96 [electronic resource]
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    Progress in Industrial Mathematics at ECMI 96[electronic resource] / herausgegeben von Morton Br첩ns, Martin Philip Bends첩e, Mads Peter S첩rensen.
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    Br첩ns, Morton., editor., Bends첩e, Martin Philip., editor., S첩rensen, Mads Peter., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    452 S. : online resource.
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    European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry ; 9
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    Environmental modelling -- A Method of Lines Approach for River Alarm Systems -- The use of bubbles in purification ponds for exhaust gases -- A similarity solution for light oil spreading on groundwater -- Estimation of a low pass filter for solar radiation data -- Propagation of the low-frequency noise generated by power station water-cooling towers -- A Mathematical Model of a Hollow-Fibre Filter -- Railway systems -- A brief survey of wheel-rail contact: Theory, Algorithms, Applications (Invited presentation) -- Wear profiles and the dynamical simulation of wheel-rail systems -- Dynamic response of a periodically supported railway track in case of a moving complex phasor excitation -- A mathematical treatise of periodic structures under traveling loads with an application to railway tracks -- The Bifurcation Behaviour of Periodic Solutions of Impact Oscillators -- Industrial processes -- Modelling industrial processes involving infiltration in deformable porous media -- Modelling the Thermal Decomposition of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in an Ideal Turbulent Incinerator -- Mathematical model for isobaric non-isothermal crystallization of polypropylene -- Stochastic modelling and morphological features of polymer crystallization processes -- Mathematical model of Deep-bed Grain Layer Drying by ventilation -- A model of oil Burnout from Glass Fabric -- Computing of the trajectories generated by 2D discrete model approximations of the dynamics of differential linear repetitive processes -- A certain mathematical model of the glass fibre material production -- Electronics, circuits and filters -- Numerical Solutions for the Simulation of Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits -- Symbolic Modelling in Circuit Simulation -- An extended hydrodynamic model for silicon semiconductor devices -- Oscillations of a miniature single stator synchronous motor -- White Noise and Nonlinear Damping in the Two-Dimensional Model of Energy Transfer in Molecular Systems -- Mathematics of Denominator-separable Multidimensional Digital Filters with Application to Image Processing -- Comparison and Assessment of Various Wavelet and Wavelet Packet Based Denoising Algorithms for Noisy Data -- Ship industry -- Hydrodynamic Design of Ship Hull Shapes by Methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (Invited presentation) -- Superplastic Protective Structures -- Trial methods for nonlinear Bernoulli problem -- A Direct (Potential Based) Boundary Element Method for the Lifting Bodies Hydrodynamic Calculation -- Procedure for Free Surface Potential Flow Numerical Simulation around Ship Model Hulls using Finite Element Method (Galerkin Formulation) -- Oil industry -- Mathematics for the oil industry: non-mathematical review and views (Invited presentation) -- Discretization on general grids for general media -- Identification of Mobilities for the Buckley-Leverett Equation by Front Tracking -- Flow of waxy crude oils -- Modelling of Bending Effects in Oil-Water Microemulsions -- Optimization in industry -- Optimal power dispatch via multistage stochastic programming -- Solving the unit commitment problem in power generation by primal and dual methods -- Optimal Trajectory and Configuration of Commuter Aircraft with Stochastic and Gradient Based Methods -- A general multi-objective optimization program for mixed continuous/integer variables based on genetic algorithms -- The optimization of natural gas liquefaction processes -- Genetic algorithm methodologies for scheduling electricity generation -- Target Zone Models with Price Inertia: A Numerical Solution Method -- Dynamics of machinery -- Model Reduction of Random Vibration Systems -- On Compensation of Vibration of High-Speed Press Automatic Machine -- Identification of External Actions on Dynamic Systems as the Method of Technical Diagnostics -- Fluids in industry -- Capillary effects in thin films -- The Linear Stability of Channel Flow of Fluid with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity -- Adaptive Methods in Internal and External Flow Computations -- Bifurcation, symmetry and parameter continuation in some problems about capillary-gravity waves -- Wacker price -- Evolution of Sedimentation Profiles in the Transport of Coal Water Slurries through a Pipeline.
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    Engineering, general.
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