Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology [electronic resource]

  • Karabencheva-Christova, Tatyana
  • Academic Press
  • 2017
Structural and Mechanistic Enzymology [electronic resource]


1. Collagenolytic Matrix Metalloproteinase Structure–Function Relationships: Insights from Molecular Dynamics Studies
Tatyana G. Karabencheva-Christova, Christo Z. Christov and Gregg B. Fields
2. Computational Glycobiology: Mechanistic Studies of Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes and Implication for Inhibitor Design
Andrew P. Montgomery, Kela Xiao, Xingyong Wang, Danielle Skropeta and Haibo Yu
3. Computational Biochemistry─Enzyme Mechanisms Explored
Martin Culka, Florian J. Gisdon and G. Matthias Ullmann
4. A Paradigm for C─H Bond Cleavage: Structural and Functional Aspects of Transition State Stabilization by Mandelate Racemase
Stephen L. Bearne and Martin St. Maurice
5. Striking Diversity in Holoenzyme Architecture and Extensive Conformational Variability in Biotin-Dependent Carboxylases
Liang Tong
6. Enzymology of Microbial Dimethylsulfoniopropionate Catabolism
Mishtu Dey
7. Sortase Transpeptidases: Structural Biology and Catalytic Mechanism
Alex W. Jacobitz, Michele D. Kattke, Jeff Wereszczynski and Robert T. Clubb
8. Biology, Mechanism, and Structure of Enzymes in the a-D-Phosphohexomutase Superfamily
Kyle M. Stiers, Andrew G. Muenks and Lesa J. Beamer
9.Mechanistic Insights Into Catalytic RNA–Protein Complexes Involved in Translation of the Genetic Code
Satya B. Routh and Rajan Sankaranarayanan