Fasciola hepatica : Methods and Protocols [electronic resource]

  • Cancela, Martin. editor. , Maggioli, Gabriela. editor.
  • Springer US : Imprint: Humana
  • 2020
Fasciola hepatica : Methods and Protocols [electronic resource]


This volume described basic and advanced protocols to study F. hepatica parasite biology. Chapters guide readers through protocols on different developmental stages of F. hepatica, characterize tegumental, secreted proteins, spatial and temporal gene expression, immunological effects of ESP on macrophages, eosinophil apoptosis, macrophages alternative activation, toll-like receptor interactions, obtain peritoneal and splenic dendritic cells of mice, and protocols to detect F. hepatica albendazole resistance. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls. Authoritative and cutting-edge, Fasciola hepatica: Methods and Protocols provides different topics in areas such a biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology, microscopy, vaccinology in order to extend the interest in this book to research community working with Fasciola hepatica and related trematodes.


Maintenance of Life Cycle Stages of Fasciola hepatica in the Laboratory / Valeria Gayo, Martin Cancela, Daniel Acosta
Microscopical Techniques to Analyze the Hepatic and Peritoneal Changes Caused by Fasciola hepatica Infection / M. T. Ruiz-Campillo, V. Molina-Hernández, J. Pérez, I. L. Pacheco, R. Pérez, A. Escamilla et al.
Isolation of Secreted and Tegumental Surface Proteins from Fasciola hepatica / Eduardo de la Torre-Escudero, Mark W. Robinson
Isolation and Analysis of Fasciola hepatica Extracellular Vesicles / Alicia Galiano, Maria Teresa Minguez, Christian M. Sánchez, Antonio Marcilla
Cloning and Heterologous Expression of Protein-Coding Sequences in Escherichia coli / Martin Cancela, Gabriela Maggioli
Gene Silencing in the Liver Fluke Fasciola hepatica: RNA Interference / Gabriel Rinaldi, Nicolás Dell’Oca, Estela Castillo, José F. Tort
Analysis of Gene Expression in Fasciola hepatica Juveniles and Adults by In Situ Hybridization / Estela Castillo, Uriel Koziol
Evasion of Host Immunity During Fasciola hepatica Infection / Robin J. Flynn, Mayowa Musah-Eroje
Immunomodulatory Effect of Fasciola hepatica Excretory–Secretory Products on Macrophages / Lorena Guasconi, Marianela C. Serradell, Diana T. Masih, Laura S. Chiapello
Study of Eosinophil Apoptosis Induced by Fasciola hepatica Excretory–Secretory Products / Marianela C. Serradell, Lorena Guasconi, Laura Cervi, Laura S. Chiapello, Diana T. Masih
Purification of Native Fasciola hepatica Fatty Acid-Binding Protein and Induction of Alternative Activation of Human Macrophages / Olgary Figueroa-Santiago
Possible Role for Toll-Like Receptors in Interaction of Fasciola hepatica Excretory–Secretory Products with Human Monocyte Cell Line / Olgary Figueroa-Santiago
Evaluation of the Immune Regulatory Properties of Dendritic Cells During Fasciola hepatica Infection / Teresa Freire
Design of a Peptide-Carrier Vaccine Based on the Highly Immunogenic Fasciola hepatica Leucine Aminopeptidase / Cecilia Salazar, José F. Tort, Carlos Carmona
Liver Fluke Vaccine Assessment in Cattle / Gabriela Maggioli, Cecilia Salazar, Federico Fossa, Carlos Carmona
Testing Albendazole Resistance in Fasciola hepatica / Luis I. Alvarez, María Martinez Valladares, Candela Canton, Carlos E. Lanusse, Laura Ceballos
Drug Targets: Screening for Small Molecules that Inhibit Fasciola hepatica Enzymes / Florencia Ferraro, Mauricio A. Cabrera, Guzmán I. Álvarez, Ileana Corvo