Advances in Agronomy [electronic resource]

  • Sparks, Donald
  • Academic Press
  • 2017
Advances in Agronomy [electronic resource]
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    Advances in Agronomy[electronic resource] / Donald Sparks.
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    [Cambridge, MA] : Academic Press, 2017.
  • 개인저자
    Sparks, Donald
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    1 online resource.
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    Advances in Agronomy ; 143
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Chapter One: Soil: The Forgotten Piece of the Water, Food, Energy Nexus
J.L. Hatfield, T.J. Sauer and R.M. Cruse

1 Introduction
2 Soil—A Missing Nexus Component
3 Scale of the Interface Between Soils and Ecosystem Services
4 Implications of Soil as a Component of the Food, Energy, Water Nexus
5 Challenges
Chapter Two: Humin: Its Composition and Importance in Soil Organic Matter
M.H.B. Hayes, R. Mylotte and R.S. Swift

1 Introduction
2 Historical Perspectives of Humic Substances and Humin
3 Modern Approaches to Studies of Humina
4 Information About the Isolation and Compositions of Humin From Applications of Different NMR Procedures
5 Possible Sources of Humin Components Derived From Plant and Microbial Sources
6 Summation, Significance, and Future Directions
Chapter Three: Effects of Drought Stress on Morphophysiological Traits, Biochemical Characteristics, Yield, and Yield Components in Different Ploidy Wheat: A Meta-Analysis
J.-Y. Wang, Y.-C. Xiong, F.-M. Li, K.H.M. Siddique and N.C. Turner

1 Introduction
2 Methodology
3 Responses to Drought Stress in Different Ploidy Wheat
4 Implications and Future Directions
Chapter Four: Delineation of Soil Management Zones for Variable-Rate Fertilization: A Review
S. Nawar, R. Corstanje, G. Halcro, D. Mulla and A.M. MouazenAbstract

1 Introduction
2 Conceptual Framework and Main Steps of MZs
3 MZ Delineation Approaches
4 Application Maps for VR Fertilization
5 Opportunities for Evaluation MZs by Cost/Benefit Analysis
6 A Case Study: Site-Specific N Application for Oil Seed Rape (OSR) Crop Based on MZ Delineation With Multisensor and Data Fusion Approach
7 Conclusions