Vascular Dementia Cerebrovascular Mechanisms and Clinical Management [electronic resource] :

  • Paul, Robert H. editor. , Cohen, Ronald. editor. , Ott, Brian R. editor. , Salloway, Stephen. editor.
  • 2005
Vascular Dementia Cerebrovascular Mechanisms and Clinical Management [electronic resource] :
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    Vascular Dementia[electronic resource] :Cerebrovascular Mechanisms and Clinical Management / edited by Robert H. Paul, Ronald Cohen, Brian R. Ott, Stephen Salloway.
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    Paul, Robert H., editor., Cohen, Ronald., editor., Ott, Brian R., editor., Salloway, Stephen., editor.
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    SpringerLink (Online service)
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    online resource.
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    Current Clinical Neurology
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    The Aging Population and the Relevance of Vascular Dementia -- Clinical Forms of Vascular Dementia -- The Neuropathologic Substrates of Vascular-Ischemic Dementia -- Diagnosis of Vascular Dementia -- Basic Mechanisms of Vascular Dementia -- Cerebral Hemodynamics in the Elderly -- The CADASIL Syndrome and Other Genetic Causes of Stroke and Vascular Dementia -- Estrogen, the Cerebrovascular System, and Dementia -- Effects of Hypertension in Young Adult and Middle-Aged Rhesus Monkeys -- The Impact of Vascular Dementia on Cognitive, Psychiatric, and Daily Living -- The Cognitive Profile of Vascular Dementia -- Progression of Cognitive Impairments Associated With Cerebrovascular Disease -- Neuropsychiatric Correlates of Vascular Injury -- Functional Impairment in Vascular Dementia -- Neuroimaging of Vascular Dementia -- Functional Brain Imaging of Cerebrovascular Disease -- Contributions of Subcortical Lacunar Infarcts to Cognitive Impairment in Older Persons -- White Matter Hyperintensities and Cognition -- Poststroke Dementia -- Interactions Between Vascular Dementia and Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- Understanding Incidence and Prevalence Rates in Mixed Dementia -- Vascular Basement Membrane Abnormalities and Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- Amyloid Beta and the Cerebral Vasculature -- Cerebrovascular Disease and the Expression of Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- The Neuropsychological Differentiation Between Alzheimer?셲 Disease and Subcortical Vsascular Dementia -- Clinical Management of Vascular Dementia -- Pharmacological Treatment of Vascular Dementia -- Understanding and Managing Caregiver Burden in Cerebrovascular Disease -- Quality of Life in Patients With Vascular Dementia -- Approaches to Neuroprotection and Recovery Enhancement After Acute Stroke.
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    Medicine & Public Health.
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