Matrix Metalloproteinases and Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease: Cardiovascular Remodeling [electronic resource]

  • Khalil, Raouf A.
  • Academic Press
  • 2017
Matrix Metalloproteinases and Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease: Cardiovascular Remodeling [electronic resource]
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  • 서명/저자사항
    Matrix Metalloproteinases and Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease: Cardiovascular Remodeling[electronic resource] / Raouf A. Khalil.
  • 발행사항
    [Cambridge, MA] : Academic Press, 2017.
  • 개인저자
    Khalil, Raouf A.
  • 형태사항
    1 online resource.
  • 총서명
    Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science ; 147
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Chapter One: Biochemical and Biological Attributes of Matrix Metalloproteinases
N. Cui, M. Hu and R.A. Khalil

1 Introduction
2 MMP Structure
3 Sources and Tissue Distribution of MMPs
4 MMP Activation
5 MMP Substrates
6 MMPs, ECM Degradation, and Tissue Remodeling
7 MMPs and Cell Signaling
8 Special Attributes of Specific MMPs
9 MMP/TIMP Ratio
10 Concluding Remarks
Chapter Two: Matrix Metalloproteinases in Myocardial Infarction and Heart Failure
K.Y. DeLeon-Pennell, C.A. Meschiari, M. Jung and M.L. Lindsey

1 Introduction
2 MMPs as Biomarkers for Heart Failure
3 Clinical Use of MMP Inhibitors Post-MI
4 Future Directions
5 Conclusion
Chapter Three: The Balance Between Metalloproteinases and TIMPs: Critical Regulator of Microvascular Endothelial Cell Function in Health and Disease
M.G. Masciantonio, C.K S. Lee, V. Arpino, S. Mehta and S.E. Gill

1 Introduction
2 Metalloproteinases
3 Tissue Inhibitor of Metalloproteinases
4 Microvascular Endothelial Cells
5 MVEC Dysfunction
6 Metalloproteinases in Endothelial Dysfunction
7 TIMPs in Endothelial Dysfunction
8 Conclusion
Chapter Four: Matrix Metalloproteinases and Platelet Function
P. Gresele, E. Falcinelli, M. Sebastiano and S. Momi

1 Platelets: Structure and Function
2 Expression of MMPs by Platelets and Megakaryocytes
3 Functions of MMPs in Platelets and Megakaryocytes
4 Role of Platelet-Derived MMPs in Disease
5 Conclusions
Chapter Five: Matrix Metalloproteinases and Leukocyte Activation
K.S. Smigiel and W.C. Parks

1 Introduction
2 Inflammation and Tissue Remodeling
3 Neutrophils, Macrophages, and Lymphocytes
4 MMP Regulation of Leukocyte Activity
5 Concluding Remarks
Chapter Six: Evidence for the Involvement of Matrix-Degrading Metalloproteinases (MMPs) in Atherosclerosis
B.A Brown, H. Williams, and S.J George

1 Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease
2 Introduction to MMPs
4 Conclusion
Chapter Seven: The Role Matrix Metalloproteinases in the Production of Aortic Aneurysm
S.W Rabkin

1 Introduction
2 TAA and Dissection (TAD)
3 Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
4 Putative Signaling Pathways Involved in Aortic Aneurysm Development: Relationship to MMPs
5 Cigarettes and AAA Development
6 MMP Substrates and Pathogenesis of Aortic Aneurysm
7 Summary
Chapter Eight: Matrix Metalloproteinases in Remodeling of Lower Extremity Veins and Chronic Venous Disease
Y. Chen, W. Peng, J.D. Raffetto and R.A. Khali

1 Introduction
2 Chronic Venous Disease (CVD)
3 Structural and Functional Abnormalities in VVs
4 MMP Levels in VVS
5 Potential MMP Inducers/Activators in VVs
6 Mechanisms of MMP Actions in VVs
7 Management of VVs
8 Potential Benefits of MMP Inhibitors in VVs
9 Concluding Remarks