Erythropoietin [electronic resource]

  • Litwack, Gerald
  • Academic Press
  • 2017
Erythropoietin [electronic resource]
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  • 서명/저자사항
    Erythropoietin[electronic resource] / Gerald Litwack.
  • 발행사항
    [Cambridge, MA] : Academic Press, 2017.
  • 개인저자
    Litwack, Gerald
  • 형태사항
    1 online resource.
  • 총서명
    Vitamins and Hormones ; 105
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1. Erythropoietin Receptor Structural Domains
Qingxin Li and CongBao Kang
2. Analysis of the Asymmetry of Activated EPO Receptor Enables Designing Small Molecule Agonists
Frank Guarnieri
3. Endogenous Erythropoietin
Steven J. Korzeniewski and Athina Pappas
4. Erythropoietin Regulation by Angiotensin II
Yong-Chul Kim, Ognoon Mungunsukh and Regina M. Day
5. Erythropoietin Receptor Signaling and Lipid Rafts
Kathy McGraw and Alan List
6. Erythropoietin and Hypothalamic-Pituitary Axis
Soumyadeep Dey and Constance T. Noguchi
7 Erythropoietin-Mediated Regulation of Central Respiratory Command
Tommy Seaborn and Céline Caravagna
8. Mutual Cross Talk Between Iron Homeostasis and Erythropoiesis
Ilona Rybinska and Gaetano Cairo
9. Context-Dependent Skeletal Effects of Erythropoietin
Sahar Hiram-Bab, Drorit Neumann and Yankel Gabet
10. Erythropoietin-Mediated Neuroprotection in Insects Suggests a Prevertebrate Evolution of Erythropoietin-Like Signaling
Ralf Heinrich, Verena Günther and Natasa Miljus
11. Erythropoietin: Endogenous Protection of Ischemic Brain
Robert T. Mallet and Myoung-Gwi Ryou
12. The Erythropoietin System Protects the Heart Upon Injury by Cardiac Progenitor Cell Activation
Maria P. Zafeiriou
13. Erythropoietin Promotes Glioblastoma via miR-451 Suppression
Begum Alural, Zeynep O. Ayyildiz, Kemal U. Tufekci, Sermin Genc and Kursad Genc
14. Erythropoietin, Stem Cell Factor, and Cancer Cell Migration
Maria J. Vazquez-Mellado, Victor M. Embriz and Leticia Rocha-Zavaleta
15. Significance of Erythropoietin Receptor Antagonist EMP9 in Cancers
Yoshiko Yasuda and Mitsugu Fujita