Advances in Virus Research [electronic resource]

  • Kielian, Margaret , Mettenleiter, Thomas C. , Roossinck, Marilyn J.
  • Academic Press
  • 2017
Advances in Virus Research [electronic resource]


Chapter One: Zoonotic Potential of Emerging Paramyxoviruses: Knowns and Unknowns
P.A. Thibault, R.E. Watkinson, A. Moreira-Soto, J.F. Drexler and B. Lee

1 Introduction
2 Known Highly Lethal Emergent Paramyxoviruses: Nipah Virus and Hendra Virus
3 Unknown Zoonotic Potential of Paramyxoviruses
4 Ecological Factors Driving Zoonotic Paramyxovirus Emergence
5 Virus–Host Molecular Interactions Affecting Paramyxovirus Emergence
6 Summary
Chapter Two: Metabolomics: Strategies to Define the Role of Metabolism in Virus Infection and Pathogenesis
M. Manchester and A. Anand

1 Introduction
2 Metabolomics Analytical Strategy and Study Design
3 Using Metabolomics to Characterize Viral Infections
4 Metabolomics to Discover Target Networks for Broad Spectrum Antivirals
5 Conclusions and Future Trends
Chapter Three: The Envelope Proteins of the Bunyavirales
P. Guardado-Calvo and F.A. Rey

1 Introduction
2 Bunyavirus Entry Into Cells
3 Bunyavirus Gc Is a Class II Fusion Protein
4 The Target Membrane-Interacting Region
5 pH-Sensing Mechanisms
6 Lipid Sensing
7 The Stem Region
8 Newly Identified pGc-Like Envelope Proteins
9 Projections for Gc From Other Members of the Bunyavirales Order
10 Hantavirus Gn Is Homologous to Alphavirus E2
11 Discussion
Chapter Four: Insect-Specific Viruses: A Historical Overview and Recent Developments
C.M. Roundy, S.R. Azar, S.L. Rossi, S.C. Weaver and N. Vasilakis

1 Introduction
2 Background
3 Biological Characteristics of Value
4 Specific Viral Families
5 Conclusions and Future Perspectives