Miller's anesthesia [electronic resource]

  • Gropper, Michael A. , Miller, Ronald D. , Cohen, Neal H.
  • Elsevier
  • 2020
Miller's anesthesia [electronic resource]


Section 1: Introduction. Scope of modern anesthetic practice
The international scope and practice of anesthesia
Perioperative medicine
Informatics in perioperative medicine
Quality improvement in anesthesia practice
Human performance and patient safety
Patient simulation
Ethical aspects of anesthesia care
Section 2: Anesthetic physiology. Consciousness, memory, and anesthesia
Sleep medicine
Cerebral physiology and the effects of anesthetic drugs
Neuromuscular physiology
Respiratory physiology and pathophysiology
Cardiac physiology
Gastrointestinal physiology and pathophysiology
Hepatic physiology and pathophysiology
Renal anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and evaluation of function
Basic principles of pharmacology
Inhaled anesthetics: mechanisms of action
Inhaled anesthetic pharmacokinetics: uptake, distribution, metabolism and toxicity
Pulmonary pharmacology and inhaled anesthetics
Inhaled anesthetics: delivery systems
Intravenous anesthetics
Nonopioid pain medications
Intravenous drug delivery systems
Pharmacology of neuromuscular blocking drugs
Reversal (antagonism) of neuromuscular blockade
Local anesthetics
Section 3: Anesthesia management. Risk of anesthesia
Preoperative evaluation
Anesthetic implications of concurrent diseases
Complementary and alternative therapies
Patient positioning for anesthesia
Neuromuscular disorders and other genetic disorders
Cardiovascular monitoring
Perioperative echocardiography
Implantable cardiac pulse generators: pacemakers and cardioverter-defibrillators
Neurologic monitoring
Monitoring depth of anesthesia (monitoring brain state)
Respiratory monitoring
Renal pathophysiology and treatment for perioperative ischemia and nephrotoxic injury
Neuromuscular monitoring
Airway management in the adult
Spinal, epidural, and caudal anesthesia
Peripheral nerve blocks
Perioperative fluid and electrolyte therapy
Perioperative acid-base balance
Patient blood management: transfusion therapy
Patient blood management: coagulation
Section 4: Adult subspecialty management. Management of the patient with chronic pain
Palliative medicine
Anesthesia for thoracic surgery
Anesthesia for cardiac surgical procedures
Anesthesia for cardiac catherization and electroconversion
Anesthesia for vascular surgery
Anesthesia for neurologic surgery and neurointerventions
Anesthesia for bariatric surgery
Anesthesia and the renal and genitourinary systems
Anesthesia for organ transplantation
Anesthesia for organ procurement
Anesthesia for obstetrics
Anesthesia for fetal surgery and other fetal therapies
Anesthesia for orthopaedic surgery
Geriatric anesthesia
Anesthesia for trauma
Anesthesia in prehospital and emergency care
Biologic, natural and human-induced disasters: the role of the anesthesiologist
Anesthesia for ophthalmic surgery
Anesthesia for otolaryngologic and head-neck surgery
Anesthesia for robotic surgery
Anesthesia for ambulatory (outpatient) surgery
Non-operating room anesthesia (NORA)
Clinical care in extreme environments: at high and low pressure and in space (aka hyperbaric)
Extreme physiology
Section 5: Pediatric anesthesia. Regional anesthesia in children
Pediatric anesthesia
Anesthesia for pediatric cardiac surgery
Pediatric and neonatal intensive care
Section 6: Postoperative care. The postanesthesia care unit
Immediate and long-term complications
Acute postoperative pain
Cognitive dysfunction and other long-term complications of surgery and anesthesia
Section 7: Critical care medicine. Critical care anesthesiology
Neurocritical care
Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and cardiac devices
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and advanced cardiac life support
Section 8: Ancillary responsibilities and problems. Electrical burns and other burns
Environmental safety and chemical dependency
Evidence and clinical trials
Interpreting the medical literature.

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