New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production [electronic resource]

  • Bouche, R. editor. , Derkimba, A. editor. , Casabianca, F. editor.
  • 2012
New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production [electronic resource]
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    New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production[electronic resource] / edited by R. Bouche, A. Derkimba, F. Casabianca.
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    Bouche, R., editor., Derkimba, A., editor., Casabianca, F., editor.
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    Approx. 345 p. : online resource.
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    EAAP ??European Federation of Animal Science ; 129
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    Preface -- Part 1. Introduction on innovation -- Agricultural systems and the innovation process -- Broad-view research in the Mediterranean system -- Innovations arising from applied research on a new on-line milk analyzer and a behavior meter -- Part 2. Innovations improving the efficiency of livestock systems in the Mediterranean area -- A. Genetics, breeding, reproduction -- Conception of new bioeconomic indexes to evaluate caprine genotypes productivity -- Genetic variability and phylogenetic relationships of ovine Algerian breeds using microsatellites -- In vitro conservation and preliminary molecular identification of some Turkish domestic animal genetic resources -- Red deer (Cervus elaphus) farming in Greece: predicting the rate of inbreeding and estimating the effective population size -- The use of crossbreeding programs for increasing domestic beef production -- Proposal of some alternatives to simplify a MOET programme -- Adaptation and reproductive performances of exotic saanen breed introduced in Lebanon -- Managing the breeding and calving seasons in the suckler cow herd -- Improvement of the reproductive efficiency for the development of the Sardinian sheep breeding -- B. Feeding systems, nutrition, health -- Use of stochastic models to stimulate long-term dynamics of mountain cattle herds under low-labour availability scenarios -- Innovations in small ruminants feeding systems in arid Mediterranean areas -- Fattening Cinta Senese pigs with chestnuts: effect on meat and fat characteristics -- Importance of Mediterranean forest products as food resource of domestic herbivores: the case of oak acorn -- Finishing Cinta Senese pigs at pasture: fatty acids composition of cured lard -- Effects of winter shearing on reproductive and lactation performances of the Latxa dairy ewe -- Effect of concentrate quantity and administration pattern on milk parameters and grazing time in a rationed dairy sheep grazing system -- Relation between the distribution of time spent on pasture and protein content of the concentrate on milk yield and grazing behaviour -- Comparison of animal performance of domestic herbivores grazing on partially improved heath lands -- Performance of domestic herbivores in marginal heathlands -- Effect of grass nitrogen protection by Acacia cyanophylla on nitrogen balance and sheep milk production -- Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) pulp as an energy source in diet for growing rabbits -- Nutritional status of the endangered Pantelleria donkey breed -- Study of some haematic parameters as indicators of the metabolic nutritional status in Nero Siciliano growing pigs -- Net transfer of nutrients to duodenum, and disappearance of n-alkanes in the reticulo-rumen and the hindgut of sheep fed grass/legume combinations -- Extruded linseed in the diet of dairy ewes: effects on fatty acid composition of milk and cheese -- C. Animal products, system traceability -- SIEOL, information system for genetic, technical and economic support for French diary sheep breeders -- Outlook for producing Timahdite lamb with improved dietetic quality reared on rangelands in the Central Middle Atlas (Morocco) -- Effect of different production systems on lamb sensory quality -- Carcass and meat quality of Majorcan black pig slaughtered at different live weight -- Influence of feeding system on carcass and meat quality: fat colour as a tool of classification -- The use of subcutaneous fat colour to trace grass-feeding in Parda de Monta챰a yearling bulls -- Wool in Mediterranean regions: a forgotten and neglected product of sheep or a natural and renewable resource for the future? -- D. Animal recording ??data identification -- Innovations have improved the efficience of ruminant production systems in Cyprus -- New morphological and weight measurements by visual image analysis in sheep and goats -- An information systems for the assessment of the threats to the heritage sheep breeds -- Permanence of electronic ear tags in extensive rearing of Majorcan black pig -- Part 3. Innovations improving the socio-cultural basis or increasing ethical issues in livestock systems from the Mediterranean area. Meditteranean pastorality: sustainable know-how in search of development -- The adaptation of technical and organizational innovations and their impacts on dairy sheep breeding in Tunisia -- Tradition and innovation in the Mediterranean pastoralism: recognition of its multiple roles for the sustainable development of rural areas -- PDO project for Corsican pork as an innovation for the whole marketing chain -- Innovation systems and processes in the field of agricultural direct marketing: a cross-national analysis between France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland -- The role of Mediterranean networks of cooperative research in animal production in favor of innovation: situation and outlooks for the future -- Part 4. Innovations dedicated to enhance environmental positive impacts of livestock activities from Mediterranean natural and human resources -- Innovative strategies of organic beef produces in Italy -- Use of homeopathy in parasite control in a flock of Zerasca sheep -- Innovating on welfare: an added value? -- The use of grazing pastures in goat production: development of an approach to combine optimized use of the forage resource and the control of related risks -- Silvopastoral innovation in North Mediterranean livestock farming systems: current knowledge and prospects for technical support -- The role of secondary compounds in foraging on Mediterranean rangelands -- Round table -- Traditions in Mediterranean livestock activities: obstacle or source of innovations? -- Conclusion -- An overall view on recent innovations in Mediterranean Livestock Farming Systems -- Keyword index -- Author index.
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