Baxter's the foot and ankle in sport [electronic resource]

  • Porter, David , Schon, Lew C.
  • Elsevier
  • 2020
Baxter's the foot and ankle in sport [electronic resource]


Section 1: An introduction to athletic evaluation
The basic foot and ankle physical exam

Section 2: Sport syndromes. Impingement syndromes of the ankle
Stress fractures: their causes and principles of treatment
Medical and metabolic considerations in athletes with stress fractures
Problematic stress fractures of the foot and ankle
Ankle and midfoot fractures and dislocations
Midfoot fractures and dislocations
Rupture of the anterior tibial and peroneal tendons
Achilles tendon disorders including tendinopathies and ruptures
Posterior tibialis tendon injury in the athlete
Functional nerve disorders and plantar heel pain
Dermatologic, infectious, and nail disorders

Section 3: Anatomic disorders in sports
Nonsurgical treatment of acute and chronic ankle instability
Ankle sprains, ankle instability, and syndesmosis injuries
Osteochondral lesions of the ankle and occult fractures of the foot and ankle
Disorders of the subtalar joint, including subtalar sprains and tarsal coalitions
Diagnostic and operative ankle and subtalar joint arthroscopy
Foot and ankle endoscopy
Lesser toe disorders
Great-toe disorders
Bunions in the elite athlete: the philosophy and principles
Chronic leg pain

Section 4: Unique and exceptional problems in sports
Foot and ankle injuries in dancers
The military athlete
Pediatric problems and rehabilitation geared to the young athlete
Unique considerations for foot and ankle injuries in the female athlete
Section 5: New advances and augmentations in the foot and ankle
Orthobiologics in foot and ankle applications

Section 6: rehabilitation and recovery: principles, collaboration, and teamwork
Rehabilitation of specific foot and ankle issues
Principles of rehabilitation for the foot and ankle