Dental image processing for human identification [electronic resource]

  • Trivedi, Deven N. , Shah, Nimit D. , Kothari, Ashish M. , Thanki, Rohit M.
  • Springer
  • 2019
Dental image processing for human identification [electronic resource]


This book presents an approach to postmortem human identification using dental image processing based on dental features and characteristics, and provides information on various identification systems based on dental features using image processing operations. The book also provides information on a novel human identification approach that uses Infinite Symmetric Exponential Filter (ISEF) based edge detection and contouring algorithms.

Table of Content

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 Biometric Performance Testing and Statistics
1.3 Classification of Biometric Characteristics
1.4 The Biometric System Process
1.5 Dental Modality and Identification System Based on It
1.6 Various Processes Involved in Dental Image Matching
1.7 Dental Identification System
1.8 Book Organization

Chapter 2. Dental Image Matching. A Technical Survey and Potential Challenges
2.1 Technical Survey on Dental Image Matching
2.2 Issues in Human Identification System
2.3 Proposed Human Identification System Based on Dental Modality

Chapter 3. Analytical Study of Edge Detection Algorithms and Contouring Algorithm
3.1 Various Edge Detection Algorithms
3.2 Canny Edge Detection Algorithm
3.3 Shen-Castan (ISEF) Edge Detection Algorithm
3.4 Contouring Algorithm
3.5 Graphical User Interface

Chapter 4. DICOM® Medical Image Standard
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Benefits of Using the DCM4CHE DICOM® Archive
4.3 Modern Improvements in Standards for Cooperative Digital Anatomic Pathology
4.4 Dental Image Database

Chapter 5. Analytical Study of Human Identification System Based on Dental Images
5.1 The Flow of Human Identification System Based on Dental Images
5.2 Performance Evaluation Parameters for Human Identification System
5.3 Dental Image Processing on Authenticate Database

Chapter 6. Comparative Comparison and Future Challenges for Human Identification System
6.1 Comparison of Presented Human Identification System with Existing Systems
6.2 Future Challenges