Salamanders in Regeneration Research Methods and Protocols [electronic resource] :

  • Kumar, Anoop. editor. , Simon, Andras. editor.
  • 2015
Salamanders in Regeneration Research Methods and Protocols [electronic resource] :
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    Salamanders in Regeneration Research[electronic resource] :Methods and Protocols / edited by Anoop Kumar, Andras Simon.
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    Kumar, Anoop., editor., Simon, Andras., editor.
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    X, 357 p. 89 illus., 81 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Methods in Molecular Biology,1064-3745 ; 1290
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    Variation in Salamanders: An Essay on Genomes, Development, and Evolution -- Maintaining Eastern Newts (Notophthalmus viridescens) for Regeneration Research -- Housing and Maintenance of Ambystoma mexicanum, the Mexican Axolotl -- Husbandry of Spanish Ribbed Newts (Pleurodeles waltl -- Maintaining Plethodontid Salamanders in the Laboratory for Regeneration Studies -- Newt Lens Transdifferentiation: From Lentectomy to Immuno-FISH -- Studying Newt Brain Regeneration Following Subtype Specific Neuronal Ablation -- The Accessory Limb Model: An Alternative Experimental System of Limb Regeneration -- High-efficiency Electroporation of the Spinal Cord in Larval Axolotl -- Pseudotyped Retroviruses for Infecting Axolotl -- Thyroxine Induced Metamorphosis in the Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) -- Generation of Aneurogenic Larvae by Parabiosis of Salamander Embryos -- In vivo Modulation and Quantification of microRNAs During Axolotl Tail Regeneration -- Derivation and Long-Term Culture of Cells from Newt Adult Limbs and Limb Blastemas -- Culture and Transfection of Axolotl Cells -- Isolation and Culture of Neurospheres from the Adult Newt Brain -- Methods for Axolotl Blood Collection, Intravenous Injection and Efficient Leukocyte Isolation from Peripheral Blood and the Regenerating Limb -- Assessing Cardiomyocyte Proliferative Capacity in the Newt Heart and Primary Culture -- 혻Long Term Organ Cultures of Newt Hearts -- In vitro Preparation of Newt Inner Ear Sensory Epithelia as a Model for Repair and Regeneration -- Transgenesis in Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) -- Generating and Identifying Axolotls with Targeted Mutations using Cas9 RNA?릆uided Nuclease -- Gene Manipulation for Regenerative Studies using the Iberian Ribbed Newt, Pleurodeles waltl -- Transcriptomics Using Axolotls -- Sal-Site: Research Resources for The Mexican Axolotl -- Data Mining in Newt-omics, the Repository for Omics Data from the Newt.
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