Heart Replacement Artificial Heart 6 [electronic resource] :

  • Akutsu, Tetsuzo. editor. , Koyanagi, Hitoshi. editor.
  • 1998
Heart Replacement Artificial Heart 6 [electronic resource] :
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    Heart Replacement[electronic resource] :Artificial Heart 6 / edited by Tetsuzo Akutsu, Hitoshi Koyanagi.
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    The proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Artificial Heart and Assist Devices (July 30-31, Tokyo, Japan). With contributions by numerous experts
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    Akutsu, Tetsuzo., editor., Koyanagi, Hitoshi., editor.
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    XX, 524 p. 456 illus., 6 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    I Total Artificial Heart -- Implantable Devices -- Ultracompact, High-Performance, Completely Implantable Permanent Electromechanical Total Artificial Heart -- Development of a Totally Implantable Intrathoracic Ventricular Assist Device -- Use of an Improved Linear Motor-Driven Total Artificial Heart in an Acute Animal Experiment -- Artificial Heart with a Highly Efficient and Sensorless Fuzzy-Controlled Energy Converter -- Basic Research -- Over 500 Days??Survival of a Goat with a Total Artificial Heart with 1/R Control -- Heat Dissipation from Artificial Hearts: Characterizing Tissue Responses and Defining Safe Levels -- Brain and Spinal Cord Lesions with Long-Term Total Artificial Heart Pumping -- An Adaptive Cardiac Output Control for the Total Artificial Heart Using a Self-Tuning Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller -- Acoustical Characteristics of a Moving Actuator Type Total Artificial Heart -- Vortex Blood Pump -- II Heart Transplantation -- III Biomaterials -- Blood Compatibility -- Calcification and Thrombus Formation on Polymer Surfaces of an Artificial Heart -- Surface Modification Techniques for the Artificial Heart -- Durability of Endothelial Cell Monolayers Inside a Beating Cardiac Prosthesis -- Evaluation of a Newly Developed, Heparin-Bonded Artificial Lung in Chronic Animal Experiments -- Device-Related Problems -- Alumina Ceramic and Polyethylene: Materials for the Double Pivot Bearing System of an Implantable Centrifugal Ventricular Assist Device -- Highly Blood-Compatible Surface Consisting of a Silicon-Containing Block Copolymer with Supramolecular Structure -- Development of a Fracture and Wear-Resistant Titanium Graphite Composite -- Influence of Microporous Structures on Mural Thrombosis and Endothelialization at Blood-Contacting Surfaces -- IV Ventricular Assist Devices -- V Clinical Application -- Clinical Application 1 -- International Paediatric Ventricular Assist Device Registry -- The UCLA Experience with Assist Devices as a Bridge to Transplantation in End-Stage Heart Failure -- Medically Unresponsive Pulmonary Hypertension: Heterotopic Cardiac Transplant Versus Mechanical Support -- First Experience of Novacor Implant at the Heart Institute of Japan -- Application of Wearable Novacor Left Ventricular Assist System for Patients with End-Stage Cardiomyopathy: Osaka Experience -- Clinical Application 2 -- Ventricular Circulatory Support with the Abiomed System as a Bridge to Heart Transplantation -- Bridging to Cardiac Transplantation with the Thoratec Ventricular Assist Device in Australia -- Patient Selection for Successful Outcome with the CardioWest Total Artificial Heart as a Bridge to Heart Transplantation -- Bridge for Transplantation with the Symbion and Cardiowest Total Artificial Heart: The Pitie Experience -- Muscle Pumps -- The Effect of Cardiomyoplasty on Coronary Blood Flow and Diastolic Dimension of the Left Ventricle -- What Is the Ideal Frequency for Skeletal Muscle Ventricle Electrical Stimulation? -- Muscle Blood Pump Driven by Roller Screw Linear Actuator -- Circulatory Assistance Using Linear Skeletal Muscle Ventricle -- VI Pathophysiology -- VII Engineering -- VIII New Approaches -- IX From Pulsatile to Nonpulsatile -- X Posters -- Scientific Exhibitions -- Key Word Index.
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    Medicine & Public Health.
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