Health promotion : throughout the life span

  • Edelman, Carole Lium. , Kudzma, Elizabeth C.
  • Elsevier
  • 2018
Health promotion : throughout the life span

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Table of Content

Unit 1: Foundations for Health Promotion
1. Health Defined: Objectives for Promotion and Prevention
2. Emerging Populations and Health
3. Health Policy and the Delivery System
4. The Therapeutic Relationship
5. Ethical Issues Related to Health Promotion
Unit 2: Assessment for Health Promotion
6. Health Promotion and the Individual
7. Health Promotion and the Family
8. Health Promotion and the Community
Unit 3: Interventions for Health Promotion
9. Screening
10. Health Education
11. Nutrition Counseling for Health Promotion
12. Exercise
13. Stress Management
14. Complementary and Alternative Strategies
Unit 4: Application of Health Promotion
15. Overview of Growth and Development Framework
16. The Prenatal Period
17. Infant
18. Toddler
19. Preschool Child
20. School-Age Child
21. Adolescent
22. Young Adult
23. Middle-Age Adult
24. Older Adult
Unit 5: Emerging Global Health Issues
25. Health Promotion for the Twenty-First Century: Throughout the Life Span and Throughout the World

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Other Editions
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Health promotion throughout the lifespan Edelman, Carole 4 Edition 1998
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