Basic and Clinical Applications of Vision Science The Professor Jay M. Enoch Festschrift Volume [electronic resource] :

  • Lakshminarayanan, V. editor.
  • 1997
Basic and Clinical Applications of Vision Science The Professor Jay M. Enoch Festschrift Volume [electronic resource] :
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    Basic and Clinical Applications of Vision Science[electronic resource] :The Professor Jay M. Enoch Festschrift Volume / edited by V. Lakshminarayanan.
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    Lakshminarayanan, V., editor.
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    XIX, 324 p. : online resource.
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    Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series,0303-6405 ; 60
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    I -- A multifaceted career in basic and applied Vision Science. -- II -- Photoreceptor waveguides - A simple approach. -- Imaging Photoreceptors in the living eye with adaptive optics. -- Photopigment absorptance and directional sensitivity in peripheral primate retina. -- Refractive index gradients in sunfish cones -- Apodization neutralization: A new technique for investigating the impact of the Stiles-Crawford effect on the visual function. -- Analysis of human receptor density. -- Directional sensitivity of the cone system in normal and anomalous color vision. -- A formalism for analyzing degraded edges using modified Heaviside functions. -- Clinical implications of changes in lens and ocular imaging properties. -- Color and luminance: A 24 bit analysis of eccentric photorefraction combined with Bruckner red reflex (VVDA). -- Potential acuity on a shoestring: The use of entoptic imagery. -- The axial length/corneal radius ratio on emmetropia and ametropia: A review. -- New Progressive addition lenses with aspherical prescription surfaces. -- Calculation of aberration coefficients: A matrix method. -- Residual Stress in PRK operated cornea and evaluation of the retinal image. -- The rotating dandelion: A new entoptic phenomenon? -- Sampling theory of visual resolution and its clinical applications. -- A new method for measurement of cyclodeviation in diagnostic positions by the New Cyclo Test. -- Activity of the human primary motor cortex during motor performance and motor imagery: A functional magnetic resonance investigation. -- Binocular chromatic rivalry and chromatic grid stimuli. -- Modeling magno- and parvo-like contributions from contrast-response functions using neuromagnetic measures. -- Equivalence of temporal frequency and modulation depth for flicker response suppression: Preliminary results. -- Haemostatic effects of the CW-Nd: YAG laser. -- Developing magnocellular pathways in children show reduced sensitivity to movement discrimination. -- An anatomical method for monitoring experimentally-induced changes in eye-related columns in kitten visual cortex. -- The effects of barium on retinal function in the rabbit. -- Exploring the characteristics of secret eye movements during fixation: A new approach of chaotic time series. -- Visual imagery and virtual reality: New evidence supporting the scanpath theory explains the illusion of completeness and clarity. -- Guided Search 3.0: A model of visual search catches up with Jay Enoch 40 years later. -- Ophthalmic Dysfunction Treatment trial for retinitis pigmentosa. -- Evaluation of lymphocyte proliferation assay to purified protein derivative, enzyme linked immunosorbant assay, and tuberculin hypersensitivity in Eales??disease. -- Refractive surgery in flux. -- Visual function favors age-related macular degeneration? A tentative hypothesis. -- Comparison of Goldmann tonometry measurements using creamer vs fluorescein in cynomolgus monkeys. -- Wavelength dependent lens transmission properties in diabetics and non-diabetics. -- Phototoxic consequences of the corneal dome. -- Topography of rod and cone sensitivity loss in retinitis pigmentosa. -- Residual psychophysical deficits following recovery from the Cuban epidemic of optic neuropathy. -- In vivo cellular characterization of retinal pathology in a small eye animal. -- Visual Psychophysics And Clinical Applications Outside-In processing and the global precedence effect. -- Visual fields and functionality. -- Assessing reading ability in normal and low vision using the MNREAD reading acuity chart: Preliminary results. -- Sensory deficits in idiopathic congenital nystagmus. -- Optical transfer functions, polyplopia and selective spatial frequency loss in contrast sensitivity functions. -- A new look at the utrocular discrimination. -- The effect of age on the Westheimer function. -- Extensions of sustained-like and transient-like effects. -- Functional and imaging investigations in patients with well-defined abnormalities of the visual system. -- Evaluation of quantitative measurement of prism induced metamorphopsia. -- An analysis of human visual receptive fields using the perimetric method. -- Reaction times for recognition of degraded facial images. -- Functional division of human retina. -- Grating visual acuity with short exposure duration. -- Double flash resolution altered in aging and early glaucoma. -- Descartes??contact tube: A contribution to contact lens history. -- Mach bands and art -- Author Index.
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