Understanding Glial Cells [electronic resource]

  • Castellano, Bernardo. editor. , Gonz찼lez, Berta. editor. , Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel. editor.
  • 1998
Understanding Glial Cells [electronic resource]
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    Understanding Glial Cells[electronic resource] / edited by Bernardo Castellano, Berta Gonz찼lez, Manuel Nieto-Sampedro.
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    Castellano, Bernardo., editor., Gonz찼lez, Berta., editor., Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel., editor.
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    XIX, 434 p. : online resource.
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    I. Morphology And Ontogeny -- 1. Characterization of the glial cells in the teleost visual pathway -- 2. The macroglia of teleosts: characterization, distribution and development -- 3. Organization and function of astrocytes in the human retina -- 4. Astroglial architecture of the human optic nerve: functional role of astrocytes -- 5. Glial cells ontogeny in the telencephalon and mesencephalon of the lizard Gallotia galloti -- 6. Role of thyroid hormone on the oligodendrocyte type 2-astrocyte lineage -- II. Molecular And Biochemical Properties -- 7. Characterization of rat neural stem cells from embryonic striatum and mesencephalon during in vitro differentiation -- 8. Expression of neurotrophins and their receptors within glial cells of retina and optic nerve -- 9. Expression and function of neurotransmitter receptors in glial cells of the central nervous system -- 10. Role of astroglia in the neural effects of sex hormones and neuroactive steroids -- 11. Cytokines and astroglial cells: functions and mechanisms of action -- 12. The critical factor for L-DOPA toxicity on dopamine neurons is glia -- III. Involvement In Damage And Regeneration -- 13. Ethanol exposure during brain development alters astrogliogenesis and astrocyte functions -- 14. Neuron-glia ensembles and mammalian CNS lesion repair -- 15. Glial response to excitotoxic injury in the immature brain -- 16. Effects of contralateral lesions and aging on the neuronal and glial population of the cerebral cortex of the rat -- 17. The role of Schwann cell in nerve regeneration -- IV. Glia In Pathology -- 18. Glial abnormalities in genetically determined disorders of myelin -- 19. Glial changes in aging and Alzheimer?셲 disease -- 20. Adhesion molecules, angiogenesis and malignant gliomas: implications for tumorigenesis.
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