Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond [electronic resource]

  • Jucker, Mathias. editor. , Beyreuther, Konrad. editor. , Haass, Christian. editor. , Nitsch, Roger M. editor. , Christen, Yves. editor.
  • 2006
Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond [electronic resource]
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    Alzheimer: 100 Years and Beyond[electronic resource] / edited by Mathias Jucker, Konrad Beyreuther, Christian Haass, Roger M. Nitsch, Yves Christen.
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    Jucker, Mathias., editor., Beyreuther, Konrad., editor., Haass, Christian., editor., Nitsch, Roger M., editor., Christen, Yves., editor.
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    XXXIV, 544 p. 195 illus., 143 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Research and Perspectives in Alzheimer?셲 Disease
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    Alois Alzheimer -- Concerning a unique disease of the cerebral cortex -- The history of Alois Alzheimer?셲 first case Auguste D. -- Alois Alzheimer and the beginnings of research into Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Alois Alzheimer and the myth of the pioneer -- The beginning of modern research -- Alzheimer?셲 Disease at mid-Century (1927??977) and a little more -- A chapter in the development on Alzheimer?셲 disease research -- Anatomy & Neuropsychology -- Anatomical changes underlying dementia in Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Staging of cortical neurofibrillary inclusions of the Alzheimer?셲 type -- Of stains and brains: a brief account of how microscopic and clinical observations contributed to the understanding of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Presenile forms of Alzheimer?셲 disease in 2006 -- Cholinergic Deficit -- The cholinergic deficit in Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Acetylcholine in AD: Expectations meet reality -- Amyloid and Genetics -- The Discovery of ? Amyloid -- Pathways to the discovery of the neuronal origin and proteolytic biogenesis of A? amyloid of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- The Amyloid Hypothesis: history and alternatives -- Segregation of a missense mutation in the amyloid ?-protein precursor gene with familial Alzheimer?셲 disease -- From the amyloid ? protein (A4) to isolation of the first Alzheimer?셲 disease gene: amyloid ? (A4) precursor protein (APP) -- Commentary on ?쏞orrelative memory deficits, A? elevation, and amyloid plaques in transgenic mice??-- Vision for the future -- PS1, PS2, and APP mutations that cause Alzheimer?셲 disease increase A?42 -- Amyloid precursor protein, Alzheimer?셲 disease, and Down?셲 syndrome -- Catabolism of amyloid ? peptide and pathogenesis of sporadic Alzheimer?셲 disease: towards understanding the underlying mechanisms -- Synaptic activity, amyloid-? and Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Molecular pathogenesis of Alzheimer?셲 disease in human peripheral cells: platelets show it all! -- The neuronal origin hypothesis of cerebral amyloid angiopathy -- A neuropathologist and Alzheimer genetics -- Genetics, molecular biology, and animal modeling of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- The genetic Alzheimer-frontotemporal dementia spectrum -- Mutation of the Alzheimer?셲 disease amyloid gene in hereditary cerebral hemorrhage, Dutch type. The role of amyloid in dementia and stroke -- Physiological generation of Amyloid ?-peptide and its Consequences for Alzheimer?셲 disease research -- Activation of ?-secretase as an approach for treatment of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Challenges to the enigma of ?-secretase and to Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Targeting ?-Secretase for Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- The Presenilin/gamma-secretase complex and its potential as a drug target in Alzheimer?셲 Disease -- Identification of ?-secretase -- ApoE -- Apolipoprotein E and Alzheimer?셲 disease: A brief retrospective -- Apolipoprotein E4: From synaptic remodeling to genetic risk factor in both familial and sporadic Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Tau -- The Alzheimer tangle ??100 years on. -- Immunological demonstration of tau protein in neurofibrillary tangles -- Bulk isolation of neurofibrillary tangles and discoveries of tau and its abnormal hyperphosphorylation -- The natural and molecular history of Alzheimer?셲 disease: Tau is part of the story -- Tau focused drug discovery for Alzheimer?셲 disease and related Neurodegenerative Tauopathies -- Ubiquitin is a component of paired helical filaments in Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Influence of tau on neuronal traffic mechanisms -- The Search for structure of tau and paired helical filaments -- Oxidative Stress -- The Changing landscape of Alzheimer?셲 disease: From Insoluble to Soluble and from Pathogen to Protector -- Molecular and cellular pathways towards and away from Alzheimer?셲 disease -- Epidemiology -- Paquid: an integrated, multidisciplinary, population-based approach to normal and pathological cerebral aging -- Imaging -- Hippocampal imaging in the early diagnosis of AD, 1988 to 2006 -- Detecting Early-Stage Alzheimer?셲 Disease in MCI and PreMCI: The value of informants -- Imaging the pathology of Alzheimer?셲 disease: Building on a century-Old blueprint -- Therapeutical Perspectives -- How do we test drugs? -- Inflammation and the lesions of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- A? immunotherapy prevents and Reverses Alzheimer?셲 disease neuropathology -- Immunotherapy of Alzheimer?셲 disease -- ?쏮agic??bullets, shotguns or cocktails to treat or prevent Alzheimer?셲 disease? -- The seventh age of man: Solving senility -- Forum and Network -- Fondation Ipsen and Alzheimer?셲 disease: a 20-year relationship -- Alzheimer Research Forum: A Knowledge Base and e-Community for AD Research.
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