Ribosomes [electronic resource]

  • Spirin, Alexander S. author.
  • 2002
Ribosomes [electronic resource]
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    Ribosomes[electronic resource] / by Alexander S. Spirin.
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    Spirin, Alexander S., author.
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    XVI, 416 p. : online resource.
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    Cellular Organelles
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    Historical and Fundamental Introduction -- Protein Biosynthesis -- Messenger RNA and the Genetic Code -- Transfer RNA and Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases -- Ribosomes and Translation -- Structure of the Ribosome -- Morphology of the Ribosome -- Ribosomal RNA -- Ribosomal Proteins -- Mutual Arrangement of Ribosomal RNA and Proteins (Quaternary Structure) -- Function of the Ribosome -- Functional Activities and Functional Sites of the Ribosome -- Elongation Cycle, Step I: Aminoacyl-tRNA Binding -- Elongation Cycle, Step II: Transpeptidation (Peptide Bond Formation) -- Elongation Cycle, Step III: Translocation -- Elongation Rates and its Modulation -- Termination of Translation -- Initiation of Translation -- Translational Control in Prokaryotes -- Translational Control in Eukaryotes -- Cotranslational Folding and Transmembrane Transport of Proteins -- Conclusion: General Principles of Ribosome Structure and Function.
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    Life sciences.
    Human genetics.
    Biological physics.
    Life Sciences.
    Biochemistry, general.
    Biophysics and Biological Physics.
    Human Genetics.
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