Advances and Clinical Practice in Pyrosequencing [electronic resource]

  • Zhou, Guohua. editor. , Song, Qinxin. editor.
  • 2016
Advances and Clinical Practice in Pyrosequencing [electronic resource]
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    Advances and Clinical Practice in Pyrosequencing[electronic resource] / edited by Guohua Zhou, Qinxin Song.
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    1st ed. 2016.
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    Zhou, Guohua., editor., Song, Qinxin., editor.
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    XIV, 407 p. 156 illus., 44 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Springer Protocols Handbooks,1949-2448
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    Preparation of single-stranded DNA for pyrosequencing by LATE-PCR -- A simplified protocol for preparing pyrosequencing templates based on LATE-PCR using whole blood as starting material directly -- Improvement of LATE-PCR to prepare pyrosequencing template -- Pyrosequencing-templates generated by nicking PCR products with nicking endonuclease -- Pyrosequencing-templates generated by asymmetric Nucleic Acid Sequence-Based Amplification (asymmetric-NASBA) -- Gel immobilization of acrylamide-modified single-stranded DNA template for pyrosequencing -- Multiplex PCR based on a universal biotinylated primer to generate templates for pyrosequencing -- A novel pyrosequencing principle based on AMP-PPDK reaction for improving the detection limit -- Pyrosequencing chemistry coupled with modified primer extension reactions for quantitative detection of allele frequency in a pooled sample -- A gel-free SNP genotyping method based on pyrosequencing chemistry coupled with modified primer extension reactions directly from double-stranded PCR products -- Improvement of pyrosequencing to allow multiplex SNP typing in a program -- Improvement of pyrosequencing-sensitivity based on the capture of free adenosine 5'-phosphosulfate with adenosine triphosphate sulfurylase -- Using polymerase preference index to design imLATE-PCR primers for an efficient pyrosequencing -- Preparation of thermalstable biotinlyted firefly luciferase and its application in pyrosequencing -- Expression of thermostable recombinant luciola lateralis luciferase and its function on setting up of heat-stable pyrosequencing system -- Expression and purification of ATP sulfurylase from saccharomyces cerevisias in Escherichia coli and its application in pyrosequencing -- Characterization of recombinant Escherichia coli single-strand binding protein and its application in pyrosequencing -- Expression of PPDK from Microbispora Rosea Subsp.aerata in E.coli and its application in pyrosequencing -- Construction of 3-plex barcodes for differential gene-expression analysis with pyrosequencing -- Development of pyrosequencing-based multiplex bioassay by designing barcodes encoded with artificially designed sequences -- Quantitatively discriminating multiplexed LAMP products with pyrosequencing-based bio-barcodes -- Multiplex ligation-dependent sequence-tag amplification coupled with pyrosequencing for CNV analysis -- Pyrosequencer miniaturized with capillaries to deliver deoxynucleotides -- Pyrosequencer with a senor of a photo-diode array -- Pyrosequencing on acryl-modified glass chip -- Pyrosequencing on-chip based on a gel-based solid-phase amplification -- Prenatal diagnosis of trisomy 21 by quantitatively pyrosequencing heterozygotes using amniotic fluid as starting material of PCR -- Comparative gene expression analysis of breast-cancer related genes by multiplex pyrosequencing coupled with sequence-barcodes -- MicroRNA quantification by pyrosequencing with a sequence-tagged stem-loop RT primer.-혻Analysis of genetically modified organisms by pyrosequencing on a portable photodiode-based bioluminescence sequencer -- Genotyping of pathogenic serotypes of S. suis with pyrosequencing -- Differential gene expression analysis of breast cancer by combining sequence-tagged reverse-transcription PCR with pyrosequencing -- Detection of avian influenza A virus by pyrosequencing -- Genotyping of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene by pyrosequencing coupled with improved LATE-PCR using human whole blood as starting material -- Pyrosequencing on a single cell.
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