The Neural Basis of Early Vision [electronic resource]

  • Kaneko, Akimichi. editor.
  • 2003
The Neural Basis of Early Vision [electronic resource]
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    The Neural Basis of Early Vision[electronic resource] / edited by Akimichi Kaneko.
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    Kaneko, Akimichi., editor.
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    XVIII, 253 p. 10 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Keio University International Symposia for Life Sciences and Medicine ; 11
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    Psychophysics to Biophysics: How a Perception Depends on Circuits, Synapses, and Vesicles -- Phototransduction in Rods and Cones, and Beyond -- Efficiency of Phototransduction Cascade in Cones -- Voltage-Gated Ion Channels in Human Photoreceptors: Na+ and Hyperpolarization-Activated Cation Channels -- Neuroinformatics in Vision Science: NRV Project and VISIOME Platform -- The Cone Pedicle, the First Synapse in the Retina -- Transmission at the Mammalian Cone Photoreceptor Basal Synapse -- Impaired Transmission from Photoreceptors to Bipolar Cells: Mouse Models -- Selective Dysfunction of On- and/or Off-Bipolar Cell in Human Diseases -- Neural Circuit Contributing to the Formation of the Receptive Surround -- GABAergic Modulation of Ephaptic Feedback in the Outer Retina -- SN1 Catalyzes Transport of Glutamine Across M체ller Cells in Retina -- Some Functions of Amacrine Cells -- Synaptic Mechanisms Underlying Direction Selectivity in Rabbit Retinal Ganglion Cells -- Processing and Integration Mechanisms of Visual Transmission in the Retinal Network -- Narrow-Field Amacrine Cells Mediate OFF Signals Between B2 Bipolar and Ganglion Cells in the Mouse Retina -- Functional Roles of Action Potentials and Na Currents in Amacrine Cells -- Neural Mechanisms of Synchronous Oscillations in Retinal Ganglion Cells -- Adaptation of the Retinal Code: What the Eye Does Not Tell the Brain -- Coding Properties of the Avian ON-OFF Retinal Ganglion Cells -- Spatiotemporal Changes in Gap Junctional Communication During Retinal Development and Regeneration of Adult Newt -- Development and Plasticity in the Postnatal Mouse Retina -- Representation of Visual Information in Simple and Complex Cells in the Primary Visual Cortex -- Diversity of Computation of Orientation and Direction Preference by Visual Cortical Neurons: An Intracellular Reexamination -- Assembly of Receptive Fields in Cat Visual Cortex -- Local Circuit in the Cerebral Cortex -- Properties and Possible Mechanisms of Response Modulation by the Receptive Field Surround in the Cat Primary Visual Cortex -- Representation of Surface Luminance and Brightness in Macaque Visual Cortex -- Inhibitory Circuits that Control Critical Period Plasticity in Developing Visual Cortex -- Substrates of Rapid Plasticity in Developing Visual Cortex -- Actions of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor on Function and Morphology of Visual Cortical Neurons -- Distance and Size Estimation in the Tiger Beetle Larva: Behavioral, Morphological, and Electrophysiological Approaches -- Extraocular Photoreception of a Marine Gastropoda, Onchidium: Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Axons of Dermal Photoreceptor Cells in the Dorsal Mantle Examined with a High-Voltage Electron Microscope -- The Cystein-Rich Domains of RDGA, a Drosophila Eye-Specific Diacylglycerol Kinase, Are Required for Protein Localization and Enzyme Activity -- Polymorphic Variations in Long- and Middle-Wavelength-Sensitive Opsin Gene Loci in Crab-Eating Monkeys -- S- and M-Cone Electroretinograms in rd7 Mice with NR2E3 Gene Mutation -- Activation of Group III Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Suppresses the Membrane Currents in Newt Photoreceptors -- Quantitative Analysis of Signal Transduction in the Olfactory Receptor Cell -- RPE65-Related Proteins Constitute a Retinoid- and Carotenoid-Metabolizing Protein Family Throughout the Animal and Plant Kingdom -- Simulation Analysis of Retinal Horizontal Cells -- External Proton Mediates the Feedback from Horizontal Cells to Cones in the Newt Retina -- A Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Mediates Synaptic Transmission from Blue-Sensitive Cones to ON-Bipolar Cells in Carp Retina -- Mathematical Model Study of Continuous Transmitter Release in the Synaptic Terminal of Goldfish Retinal Bipolar Cells -- The Role of Ionic Currents in Shaping Light Responses of Retinal Bipolar Cell -- Asymmetric Temporal Properties in the Receptive Field of Transient Amacrine Cells in Carp Retina -- Spatial Asymmetry and Temporal Delay of Inhibitory Amacrine Cells Produce Directional Selectivity in Retina -- Fast Calcium Imagings of Amacrine Cell Dendrites in Horizontally Sliced Goldfish Retina -- Distribution and Morphological Features of the Retinal Ganglion Cells in Chicks -- Homotypic Gap Junction Connections Between Retinal Amacrine Cells -- A Retinal Ganglion Cell Model Based on Discrete Stochastic Ion Channels -- Retinal Adaptation to the Spatiotemporal Statistical Structure of Visual Input -- Zinc as a Neurotransmitter in the Rat Retina -- Suppression by Odorants of Voltage-Gated and Ligand-Gated Channels in Retinal Neurons -- Dopamine D1 Receptor on Cultured M체ller Cells -- Origin of Intracellular Ca2+ Concentration Increase by Hypoxia Differs Between M체ller Cells and Ganglion Cells -- Expression of Otx2 in Regenerating and Developing Newt Retina -- Genes Involved in the Retinal Development Are Also Expressed in the Retinal Regeneration -- Difference in Survival and Axonal Regeneration Between Alpha and Beta Types of Cat Retinal Ganglion Cells -- Survival-Promoting Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Axotomized Retinal Ganglion Cells -- A New CI Channel Family Defined by Vitelliform Macular Dystrophy -- Pharmacological Aspects of Nilvadipine-Induced Preservation of Retinal Degeneration in RCS Rat Analyzed by mRNA Profiling Assay -- Nilvadipine, a Ca2+ Antagonist, Effectively Preserves Photoreceptor Functions in Royal College of Surgeons Rat -- Aberrantly Expressed Recoverin in Tumor Tissues from Gastric Cancer Patients -- Cancer-Associated Retinopathy (CAR) is Effectively Treated by Ca2+ Antagonist Administration -- Effects of Calcium Channel Blockers on Retinal Morphology and Function of rd Mouse -- Chemically Induced Mutations in the Mouse that Affect the Fundus and Electroretinogram -- Unitary Event Analysis of Synchronous Activities in Cat Lateral Geniculate Nucleus (LGN) -- Functional Mapping of Neural Activity in the Embryonic Avian Visual System: Optical Recording with a Voltage-Sensitive Dye -- Interactive Vision: A New Columnar System in Layer 2 -- Cross-Correlation Study of Network Dynamics in the Cat Primary Visual Cortex -- Contrast-Dependent Gain Control of the Contextual Response Modulation in the Cat Primary Visual Cortex -- Contribution of Excitation and Inhibition to the Stimulus Size- and Orientation-Tuning of Response Modulation by the Receptive Field Surround in the Cat Primary Visual Cortex -- Effects of Chronic Exposure to Vertical Orientation on the Development of Orientation Preference Maps -- Self-Organization Model of Ocular Dominance Columns and Cytochrome Oxidase Blobs in the Primary Visual Cortex of Monkeys and Cats -- Long-Range Horizontal Connections Assist the Formation of Robust Orientation Maps -- Experience-Dependent Self-Organization of Visual Cortical Receptive Fields and Maps -- Distributions of Binocular Phase Disparities in Natural Stereopair Images -- A Network Model for Figure/Ground Determination Based on Contrast Information -- Neural Responses to the Uniform Surface Stimuli in the Visual Cortex of the Cat -- Cascaded Energy Model as the Basis for Neural Processing in V2 -- Behavioral and Physiological Study of Color Processing in Human Brain -- Inhibitory Mechanisms Underlying Stimulus-Selective Responses of Inferior Temporal Neurons -- Key Word Index.
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