Advances in Vision Research, Volume I Genetic Eye Research in Asia and the Pacific [electronic resource] :

  • Prakash, Gyan. editor. , Iwata, Takeshi. editor.
  • 2017
Advances in Vision Research, Volume I Genetic Eye Research in Asia and the Pacific [electronic resource] :
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    Advances in Vision Research, Volume I[electronic resource] :Genetic Eye Research in Asia and the Pacific / edited by Gyan Prakash, Takeshi Iwata.
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    Prakash, Gyan., editor., Iwata, Takeshi., editor.
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    XV, 523 p. 71 illus., 55 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Essentials in Ophthalmology,1612-3212
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    1. Foundation of Asian Eye Genetics Consortium (AEGC) (Gyan Prakash, Takeshi Iwata) -- 2. Japan consortium for whole exome analysis of hereditary retinal diseases (Takeshi Iwata) -- 3. Whole-genome sequencing in genetic eye diseases in China (Zi-bing Jin) -- 4. Targeted exome sequencing in Japanese patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Maho Oishi, Akio Oishi, Nagahisa Yoshimura) -- 5. Genetic Epidemiology of Congenital Cataracts and Autosomal Recessive Retinal Degenerations in Pakistan (Fielding Hejtmancik, Qiwei Wang, Yabin Chen, Sheikh Riazuddin and S. Amer Riazuddin) -- 6. Genetics of Cataract in Asia (Chitra Kannabiran and Vanita) -- 7. Genetic analysis of families with retinal dystrophies (Qingjiong Zhang) -- 8. Whole genome sequencing in patients with Retinitis Pigmentosa (Koji M. Nishiguchi) -- 9. Retinitis pigmentosa in Korean patients (C.K. Yoon, U.C. Park and H.G. Yu) -- 10. Retinitis pigmentosa in Chinese population (Ruifang Sui and Xuan Zou) -- 11. Retinitis Pigmentosa in Japanese Population (Katsuhiro Hosono, Shinsei Minoshima, Yoshihiro Hotta) -- 12. Cone Dysfunction Syndrome in Japanese Population (Takaaki Hayashi) -- 13. Leber Congenital Amaurosis/Early-Onset Retinal Dystrophy in Japanese Population (Kazuki Kuniyoshi and Yoshikazu Shimomura) -- 14. Paradigm of Susceptibility genes in AMD and PCV (Paul N. Baird and Moeen Riaz) -- 15. Genetics and Pathology of Inflammatory Components on AMD (Xiaoxin Li, Lv-Zhen Huang, Peng Zhou and Chi Chao Chan) -- 16. Genome wide association study of age-related eye diseases in Chinese population (Guy L.J. Chen, Shi Song Rong and Calvin C.P. Pang) -- 17. Clinical Genetics of Retinoblastoma: An Asian Perspective (Ashwin Mallipatna and Meghan Marino and Arun Singh) -- 18. Molecular and Clinical Genetics of Retinoblastoma (Jason C.S. Yam, Winnie W. Y. Lau, Wai Kit Chu, L.J. Chen, K. W. Choy, Simon T.C. and Calvin C.P. Pang) -- 19. Current research Perspectives in Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy (A Jayamuruga Pandian, Nagasamy Soumittra, Rajiv Raman, Sarangapani Sripriya) -- 20. Genome-wide association studies of glaucoma (Zachary Dong, Chiea Chuen Khor and Janey L. Wiggs) -- 21. Genetic Complexity of Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma in Asians (Roopam Duvesh, R Venkatesh, S Kavitha, Pradeep Ramulu, SR Krishnadas and P Sundaresan) -- 22. Genotype-phenotype correlation for POAG in the Middle East Khaled Abu-Amero (Saudi Arabia), Alta (A. Kondkar and Ahmed Mousa) -- 23. Corneal Dystrophies in India (Namrata Sharma and Arundhati Sharma) -- 24. Genetics of Corneal Endothelial Dystrophies: An Asian Perspective (Sudha Neelam, Jod Mehta, Eranga Vithana and Vinod Mootha) -- 25. Keratoconus in Asia (Rajiv Mohan, Arkasubhra Ghosh and Rohit Shetty) -- 26. Genetics of Pediatric Eye Diseases and Strabismus in Asia (Zia Chaudhuri and Birgit Lorenz) -- 27. Keratoconus: Globally and in the Middle East; Epidemiology, Genetics and future Research (Ahmed Mousa, Altaf Kondkar and Khaled Abu-Amero) -- 28. Genetics of Myopia (Sushil Kumari Sangwan, Arundhati Sharma, Namrata Sharma, Radhika Tandon) -- 29. Ocular Implications of Gaucher Disease (Mones S. Abu-Asab, Ian Y. L. Yeung, Christopher Ardeljan, Ashley N. Gonzalez, Ellen Sidransky, Chi-Chao Chan) -- 30. Genetic background of Uveitis in Chinese population (Peiziang Yang, Hongsong Yu, Bo Lei and Aize Kijlstra) -- 31. Usher Syndrome in Chinese and Japanese Population (Shi-Ying Li, Linghui Qu, and Xiaohong Meng, and Zheng Qin Yin) -- 32. Homozygosity Mapping for Autosomal Recessive Ocular Diseases (Chandrasekar SatyaPriya, Sundaramoorthy Srilekha, Karthikeyan Sudha, Sarangapani Sripriya, Nagasamy Soumittra) -- 33. Tools of Genetic Eye Research and Need for Clinical Research Collaborations (Vanita Vanita and Umang Mathur) -- 34. Eye Genetics: The Road Ahead to Quality Standards (Sridhar Bammidi, Kaushal Sharma, Rahul Tyagi, Neel Kamal Sharma and Akshay Anand) -- 35. Genetic Counselling in Asia (Viney Gupta and Ken K. Nischal) -- 36. Epigenetic study in Asian Eye Diseases (Lai Wei, Xiao Hu and Xiafeng Wen) -- 37. Unique Asian Patients Population: An Opportunity for Drug Development (Rajkumar Patil, Cheng Ching Yu, Chui Ming Gemmy Cheung and Tien Yin Wong -- 38. A Perspective: How can gene therapeutics help address ophthalmic health issues in Asia? (Paul Kaufman).
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