Pathogenesis and Risk Factors of Glaucoma [electronic resource]

  • Gramer, Eugen. editor. , Grehn, Franz. editor.
  • 1999
Pathogenesis and Risk Factors of Glaucoma [electronic resource]
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    Pathogenesis and Risk Factors of Glaucoma[electronic resource] / edited by Eugen Gramer, Franz Grehn.
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    Gramer, Eugen., editor., Grehn, Franz., editor.
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    XII, 245p. 93 illus. : online resource.
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    1. Ophthalmology?셲 Contributions to Clinical Research and Glaucoma ??Study Designs Utilized in Journal Publications During the Last Decade -- 2. Glaucoma ??The Metamorphosis of the Content of a Term During the Course of Time -- 3. Lack of Knowledge About Glaucoma: A Possible Risk Factor for Blindness from the Disease -- 4. Compliance with Medical Therapy in Chronic Glaucoma -- 5. Mechanisms of Glaucoma Development in Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome -- 6. Wound Healing and Scarring of the Developing Filtering Bleb ??A Major Challenge in Glaucoma Surgery -- 7. Neurotransmitter Receptors as Potential Targets of Glaucoma Pathogens -- 8. Genetic Risk Factors for Glaucoma -- 9. Molecular Genetics of Glaucoma -- 10. The TIGR Gene: Prospects for Understanding Glaucoma Mechanisms and Environmental/Genetic Interactions -- 11. Gene Therapy for Glaucoma: Anterior and Posterior Segments Targets, Delivery Systems, Constraints -- 12. Morphology of the Trabecular Meshwork -- 13. Contractility of the Trabecular Meshwork: A Target for Treatment of Glaucoma? -- 14. The Actin Cytoskeleton and Aqueous Outflow -- 15. Glaucoma Screening: A Vehicle for Continuing Medical Education -- 16. Disc Damage as a Prognostic and Therapeutic Consideration in the Management of Patients with Glaucoma -- 17. Disc Hemorrhage as a Risk Factor for Progression of Normal-Tension Glaucoma -- 18. What is the Potential for Optic Disc Imaging in the Management of POAG? -- 19. Early Detection of Paracentral Defects: Implications for Neuroprotection in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma -- 20. A New Unification Hypothesis of the Pathogenesis of Glaucomas Based on Clinical Studies on Disc Appearance in Relation to the Stage of Visual Field Loss in Different Types of Glaucoma -- 21. The Intraocular Pressure as a Continuous Risk Factor for Glaucoma -- 22. Target Pressures in Glaucoma -- 23. Relationship Between Transient or Permanent Low Blood Pressure and Glaucoma -- 24. Retinal Ischemia as a Risk Factor for Secondary Glaucoma and Its Clinical Consequences -- 25. Specific Treatment of Causal Factors in Glaucoma.
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    Medicine & Public Health.
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