Curriculum development for medical education : a six-step approach

  • Thomas, Patricia A. , Kern, David E. , Hughes, Mark T. , Chen, Belinda Y.
  • Johns Hopkins University Press
  • 2016
Curriculum development for medical education : a six-step approach


Based on a proven six-step model and including examples and questions to guide application of those timeless principles, Curriculum Development for Medical Education is a practical guidebook for all faculty members and administrators responsible for the educational experiences of medical students, residents, fellows, and clinical practitioners.Incorporating revisions driven by calls for reform and innovations in medical education that challenge established teaching models, the third edition includes an awareness of new accreditation standards and regulatory guidelines. The authors have expanded their discussion of survey methodology for needs assessment and stress the importance of writing competency-based goals and objectives that incorporate milestones, entrustable professional activities, and observable practice activities. With updated examples focusing on interprofessional education, collaborative practice, and educational technology, they describe educational strategies that incorporate the new science of learning. A completely new chapter presents the unique challenges of curriculum development for large, long, and integrated curricula.

Table of Content

One: Overview: A Six-Step Approach to Curriculum Development
Two: Step 1: Problem Identification and General Needs Assessment
Three: Step 2: Targeted Needs Assessment
Four: Step 3: Goals and Objectives
Five: Step 4: Educational Strategies
Six: Step 5: Implementation
Seven: Step 6: Evaluation and Feedback
Eight: Curriculum Maintenance and Enhancement
Nine: Dissemination
Ten: Curriculum Development for Larger Programs

Other Editions

Other Editions
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Curriculum development for medical education : a six-step approach Kern, David E 2 Edition 2009
Curriculum development for medical education : a six step approach Kern, David E 1 Edition 1998