The secrets of generation : reproduction in the long eighteenth century [electronic resource]

  • Stephanson, Raymond
  • University of Toronto Press, Scholarly Publishing Division
  • 2015
The secrets of generation : reproduction in the long eighteenth century [electronic resource]

Table of Content

Generation, species, breeding. Reproducing species / Staffan Müller-Wille
Cultures and politics of preformationism in eighteenth-century Italy / Ivano dal Prete
Theories of generation and the history of life / Peter J. Bowler
Born to virtue : ideas of generation and the eighteenth-century elites / John C. Waller
Improving reproduction : articulations of breeding and "race-mixing" in French and German discourse (1750-1800) / Susanne Lettow
New attention to incest and inbreeding as ways of reproduction around 1800 : a case study of the Mignon episode in Goethe's Wilhelm Meister / Christine Lehleiter
Fetus, child, mother. Changing views on generation : images of the unborn / Sebastian Pranghofer
The problem of maternal violence : anatomy, forensic medicine, and the mind / Corinna Wagner
Birth anomaly and childhood disability / David M. Turner
Motherhood, hysteria, and the eighteenth-century woman writer / Heather Meek
Mothers and others : the politics of lactation in medical consultation letters addressed to Samuel-Auguste Tissot / Sonja Boon
Reproduction in British women's novels of the 1790s / Jennifer Golightly
Pathologies, body parts, display. "Unfit for generation" : body size and reproduction / Sarah Toulalan
Deformity of the maternal pelvis in late eighteenth-century Britain / Pam Lieske
The debris of life : diseased ovaries in eighteenth-century medicine / Sally Frampton
Intestinal chaos : tapeworms, dead flesh, and reproduction during the eighteenth century / Lianne McTavish
A bit exposed : displays of male genitals / Darren N. Wagner
Attitudes, tropes, satire. The Aristotle texts, sex, and the American woman / Marcia D. Nichols
Eve's choices : procreation, reproduction, and the politics of generation in Paradise Lost / Corrinne Harol and Jessica MacQueen
Making babies : eighteenth-century attitudes towards conception, reproduction, and childbirth / Julie Peakman and Sarah Watkins
Makind the rounds in the old and new Foundling Hospitals for Wit : (mis)conceptions about conceiving / Donald W. Nichol
Panspermist jokes, reproductive technologies, and virgin births : some enlightenment Luciniades / George Rousseau.