Natural Killer Cells Methods and Protocols [electronic resource] :

  • Somanchi, Srinivas S. editor.
  • 2016
Natural Killer Cells Methods and Protocols [electronic resource] :
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    Natural Killer Cells[electronic resource] :Methods and Protocols / edited by Srinivas S. Somanchi.
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    Somanchi, Srinivas S., editor.
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    XV, 365 p. 76 illus., 49 illus. in color. : online resource.
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    Methods in Molecular Biology,1064-3745 ; 1441
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    Tracking Effector and Memory NK Cells During MCMV Infection -- Application of Mass Cytometry (CyTOF) for Functional and Phenotypic Analysis of Natural Killer Cells -- Assessment of NK Cell Metabolism -- Genotyping Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Copy Number Variability of the FCGRs Expressed on NK Cells -- Measurement of Average Telomere Length in Ex Vivo Expanded Natural Killer Cells by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH) -- In Vitro Assessment of Human Natural Killer Cell Migration and Invasion -- Microfluidic-Based Live-Cell Analysis of NK-Cell Migration In Vitro -- Microwell-Based Live Cell Imaging of NK Cell Dynamics to Assess Heterogeneity in Motility and Cytotoxic Response -- Assessment of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Using Image Cytometry Method -- Analysis of Intracellular Ca2+ Mobilization in Human NK Cell Subsets by Flow Cytometry -- Using NK Cell Lipid Raft Fractionation to Understand the Role of Lipid Rafts in NK Cell Receptor Signaling -- High- and Super-Resolution Microscopy Imaging of the NK Cell Immunological Synapse -- The Planar Lipid Bilayer System Serves as a Reductionist Approach for Studying NK Cell Immunological Synapses and their Functions -- Expansion of NK Cells Using Genetically Engineered K562 Feeder Cells -- Ex-Vivo Expansion of Human NK Cells Using K562 Engineered to Express Membrane Bound IL21 -- Large-Scale Culture and Genetic Modification of Human Natural Killer Cells for Cellular Therapy -- Gene Modification of Human Natural Killer Cells Using a Retroviral Vector -- Modification of Expanded NK Cells with Chimeric Antigen Receptor mRNA for Adoptive Cellular Therapy -- mRNA Transfection to Improve NK Cell Homing to Tumors -- In Vitro Generation of Human NK Cells Expressing Chimeric Antigen Receptor through Differentiation of Gene-Modified Hematopoietic Stem Cells -- Engineering Receptor Expression on Natural Killer Cells through Trogocytosis -- Electroporation of siRNA to Silence Gene Expression in Primary NK Cells -- Mouse Xenograft Model for Intraperitoneal Administration of NK Cell Immunotherapy for Ovarian Cancer -- Aerosol Delivery of Interleukin-2 in Combination with Adoptive Transfer of Natural Killer Cells for the Treatment of Lung Metastasis: Methodology and Effect -- Non-Invasive Imaging of Natural Killer Cell-Mediated Apoptosis in a Mouse Tumor Model -- Non-Invasive In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging of NK Cells in Pre-Clinical Models of Adoptive Immunotherapy -- In Vivo 19F-Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Adoptively Transferred NK Cells -- Generation of BiKEs and TriKEs to Improve NK Cell-Mediated Targeting of Tumor Cells -- Regulatory Considerations for NK Cells Used in Human Immunotherapy Applications.
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