Colour Vision Deficiencies XIII Proceedings of the thirteenth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Pau, France July 27??0, 1995 [electronic resource] :

  • Cavonius, C. R. editor.
  • 1997
Colour Vision Deficiencies XIII Proceedings of the thirteenth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Pau, France July 27??0, 1995 [electronic resource] :
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    Colour Vision Deficiencies XIII[electronic resource] :Proceedings of the thirteenth Symposium of the International Research Group on Colour Vision Deficiencies, held in Pau, France July 27??0, 1995 / edited by C. R. Cavonius.
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    Proceedings of the International Symposium, Pau 1995
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    Cavonius, C. R., editor.
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    XI, 516 p. : online resource.
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    Documenta Ophthalmologica Proceedings Series,0303-6405 ; 59
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    1. ??.. aus dreyerley Arten von Membranen oder Molek체len?? George Palmer?셲 legacy -- 2. Levels of expression of the red, green and green-red hybrid pigment genes in the human retina -- 3. Variety of photopigment genes underlying red-green colour vision -- 4. Phenotypes of anomalous trichromacy -- 5. Ratio of M/L pigment gene expression decreases with retinal eccentricity -- 6. Unique hues in heterozygotes for protan and deutan deficiencies -- 7. Sensitivity and spectral tuning of the red-green chromatic pathway in heterozygous carriers of congenital colour vision defect -- 8. Rod and cone inputs to parvo- and magnocellular cells in the dichromatic common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) -- 9. Results of clinical colour vision tests of ?쁏igmentfarbenanomale??-- 10. Seattle, WA, USA): Structure and function in primate retina -- 11. Four cone subtypes in a primitive mammal, the South American opossum - immunocytochemical characterization -- 12. Physical and sensory analysis of successive scotopic colour contrast -- 13. Visual colour processing is completed in the retina -- 14. Selective stimulation of colour vision in humans -- 15. Topographic differences of spectral sensitivity in rabbit retina. Evidence from small-field ERG and immunohistochemistry -- 16. Colour vision in a family with butterfly-shaped pigment dystrophy of the fovea -- 17. Colour vision deficiencies in two unrelated Sardinian families with butterfly-shaped macular dystrophy -- 18. Spatio-chromatic VEPs in recovered optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis -- 19. The effect of carbamazepine, phenytoin and valproic acid anti-epileptic convulsive drugs on visual perception -- 20. Colour vision in macular gliosis, cysts, holes and oedema: An approach to depth localization -- 21. A. Kurtenbach, U. Schiefer, E. Zrenner and A. Neu (T체bingen, Germany): Juvenile diabetics and the colour vision meter -- 22. Chromatic discrimination in subjects with both congenital and acquired colour vision deficiencies -- 23. Acquired tritanopia in diabetic maculopathy -- 24. A protocol for monitoring treatment with synthetic anti-malarial drugs -- 25. Visual function in patients affected by multiple sclerosis: visual field and colour vision -- 26. Features of foveal dichromacy illustrated by deuteranopia -- 27. The relative salience of the cardinal axes of colour space in normal and anomalous trichromats -- 28. Age-matched comparisons of chromatic thresholds between normal and strabismic observers -- 29. Detecting colour vision deficiency in 4- and 8-week-old human infants -- 30. Cone monochromacy: A case report -- 31. A new phenotype? Nagel ?쁡ichromats??who reject ?쁱ed matches green??for a 2째 field -- 32. Influence of stimulus luminance on automated Moreland matches -- 33. The clinical use of saturated and unsaturated Munsell panel tests -- 34. The pseudoisochromatic plates of E. N. Yustova -- 35. Evaluation of the desaturated Roth 28 HUE colour test - preliminary results -- 36. Evaluation of Yu?셲 Chinese pseudoisochromatic plates for acquired dyschromatopsia -- 37. Screening colour vision with an LMS calibrated display -- 38. Coldef and tritan flicker test: PC-based evaluation of central and peripheral colour vision -- 39. Effect of macular pigment on colour matching with field sizes in the 1째 to 10째 range -- 40. Psychometric functions for chromatic discriminations -- 41. Psychometric functions in the central visual field -- 42. Sons and mothers: Classification of colour-deficient and heterozygous subjects by counterphase modulation photometry -- 43. Influence of lightness (Munsell value) on desaturated Panel D15 -- 44. Temperature and Rayleigh matching on Moreland?셲 anomaloscope -- 45. Effect of longitudinal chromatic aberration on photometric matches using a heterochromatic square-wave grating -- 46. Detecting blue-cone monochromats by electroretinography -- 47. Fast determination of the spectral modulation sensitivity function:a comparison between trichromats and deuteranopes -- 48. Colour discrimination in a monoptic and dichoptic task -- 49. Optimal step sizes for colour and luminance staircasing -- 50. Light scattered in the eye and its effect on the measurement of the colour constancy index -- 51. Do rod signals add with S cone signals in increment detection? -- 52. Distant colour induction on Fechner-Benham top -- 53. Influence of rod adaptation upon chromatic and achromatic cone-vision -- 54. Defective colour vision is a risk factor in driving -- 55. Doctors with inherited colour vision deficiency: their difficulties in clinical work -- 56. How much light reaches the retina? -- Author Index.
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