Genotype phenotype coupling: methods and protocols [electronic resource]

  • Zielonka, Stefan , Krah, Simon
  • Humana Press
  • 2020
Genotype phenotype coupling: methods and protocols [electronic resource]

Table of Content

Screening, Post-SELEX Optimization and Application of DNA Aptamers Specific for Tobramycin / Nandi Zhou, Rongfeng Cai, Xuyan Han
Affitins: Ribosome Display for Selection of Aho7c-Based Affinity Proteins / Valentina Kalichuk, Stanimir Kambarev, Ghislaine Béhar, Benjamin Chalopin, Axelle Renodon-Cornière, Barbara Mouratou et al.
cDNA Display: A Stable and Simple Genotype–Phenotype Coupling Using a Cell-Free Translation System / Hidenao Arai, Shigefumi Kumachi, Naoto Nemoto
cDNA Display of Disulfide-Containing Peptide Library and In Vitro Evolution / Tai Kubo, Mohammed Naimuddin
Rapid Antigen and Antibody-Like Molecule Discovery by Staphylococcal Surface Display / Marco Cavallari
Restriction-Free Construction of a Phage-Presented Very Short Macrocyclic Peptide Library / Valentin Jakob, Saskia Helmsing, Michael Hust, Martin Empting
In Vitro Maturation of a Humanized Shark VNAR Domain to Improve Its Biophysical Properties / John Steven, Obinna C. Ubah, Magdalena Buschhaus, Marina Kovaleva, Laura Ferguson, Andrew J. Porter et al.
Antibody Phage Display: Antibody Selection in Solution Using Biotinylated Antigens / Esther V. Wenzel, Kristian D. R. Roth, Giulio Russo, Viola Fühner, Saskia Helmsing, André Frenzel et al.
Assessing Antibody Specificity in Human Serum Using Deep Sequence-Coupled Biopanning / Kathryn M. Frietze, Susan B. Core, Alexandria Linville, Bryce Chackerian, David S. Peabody
Isolation of Antigen-Specific VHH Single-Domain Antibodies by Combining Animal Immunization with Yeast Surface Display / Lukas Roth, Simon Krah, Janina Klemm, Ralf Günther, Lars Toleikis, Michael Busch et al.
Selection and Characterization of Anti-idiotypic Shark Antibody Domains / Doreen Könning, Stefan Zielonka, Anna Kaempffe, Sebastian Jäger, Harald Kolmar, Christian Schröter
Simplifying the Detection of Surface Presentation Levels in Yeast Surface Display by Intracellular tGFP Expression / Steffen C. Hinz, Adrian Elter, Julius Grzeschik, Jan Habermann, Bastian Becker, Harald Kolmar
Methods for Construction of Yeast Display Libraries of Four-Domain T-Cell Receptors / Flávio Sádio, Gerhard Stadlmayr, Katja Eibensteiner, Katharina Stadlbauer, Florian Rüker, Gordana Wozniak-Knopp
Isolation of Tailor-Made Antibody Fragments from Yeast-Displayed B-Cell Receptor Repertoires by Multiparameter Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting / Anna Kaempffe, Sebastian Jäger, Doreen Könning, Harald Kolmar, Christian Schröter
Isolation of Anti-Hapten Antibodies by Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting of Yeast-Displayed B-Cell Receptor Gene Repertoires / Sebastian Jäger, Simon Krah, Doreen Könning, Janis Rosskopf, Stephan Dickgiesser, Nicolas Rasche et al.
Rapid Generation of Chicken Immune Libraries for Yeast Surface Display / Jan P. Bogen, Julius Grzeschik, Simon Krah, Stefan Zielonka, Harald Kolmar
Ligand Engineering via Yeast Surface Display and Adherent Cell Panning / Lawrence A. Stern, Patrick S. Lown, Benjamin J. Hackel
Simultaneous Soluble Secretion and Surface Display of Proteins in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Using Inefficient Ribosomal Skipping / Carlos A. Cruz-Teran, Kaitlyn Bacon, Balaji M. Rao
Chemical Modification of the Yeast Cell Surface Allows the Switch Between Display and Soluble Secretion of Full-Length Antibodies / Simon Krah, Ralf Günther, Stefan Becker, Stefan Zielonka, Laura Rhiel
Advanced Establishment of Stable Recombinant Human Suspension Cell Lines Using Genotype–Phenotype Coupling Transposon Vectors / Karen Berg, Vanessa Nicole Schäfer, Natalie Tschorn, Jörn Stitz
Mammalian Surface Display Screening of Diverse Cystine-Dense Peptide Libraries for Difficult-to-Drug Targets / Zachary R. Crook, Gregory P. Sevilla, Andrew J. Mhyre, James M. Olson
Engineering Antibodies on the Surface of CHO Cells / Annalee W. Nguyen, Kevin Le, Jennifer A. Maynard
Single B Cell Cloning and Production of Rabbit Monoclonal Antibodies / Juliet Rashidian, Joshua Lloyd