Next Generation Biomonitoring: Part 2 [electronic resource]

  • Bohan, David A. , Dumbrell, Alex J.
  • Academic Press
  • 2018
Next Generation Biomonitoring: Part 2 [electronic resource]
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    Next Generation Biomonitoring: Part 2[electronic resource] / David A. Bohan, Alex J. Dumbrell, Guy Woodward, Michelle Jackson.
  • Publication
    [Cambridge, MA] : Academic Press, 2018.
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    Bohan, David A., Dumbrell, Alex J.
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    1 online resource.
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    Advances in Ecological Research ; 59
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Table of Content

1. Aquatic volatile metabolomics – using trace gases to examine ecological processes
Michael Steinke
2. Next generation approaches to rapid monitoring Bio-aerosol and the link between human health and enviromental micorbiology
Robert Michael William Ferguson
3. NGB in Canadian wetlands
Donald Baird
4. Monitoring the biodiversity and functioning of terrestrial systems via high resolution trace gas fluxes
Kelly Robert Redeker
5. Computational approaches to gathering biomonitoring data from social media platforms: a superior solution to next generation biomonitoring challenges?
Jon Chamberlain
6. What more can the eDNA-NGS revolution bring to biomonitoing? - the untaped potenial of molecular methods
Alex J. Dumbrell
7. Bioinformatics for Biomonitoring: Species Detection and Diversity Estimates across Platforms and Tools
Joanne E. Littlefair
8. Derocles et al. Statistics from networks or other BioMonitoring – what are the statistics of measuring and evaluating change?
Athen Ma
9. CELLDEX/global monitoring of functional responses
Scott Tiegs
10. Citizen Science and Biomonitoring
Michael Pocock