Newman and Carranza's clinical periodontology [electronic resource]

  • Newman, Michael G. , Takei, Henry H. , Klokkevold, Perry R. , Carranza, Fermin A.
  • Elsevier
  • 2019
Newman and Carranza's clinical periodontology [electronic resource]

Table of Content

1. Evidence-Based Decision Making
2. Critical Thinking : Assessing Evidence
3. Anatomy, Structure, and Function of the Periodontium
4. Aging and the Periodontium
5. Classification of Diseases and Conditions Affecting the Periodontium
6. Fundamentals in the Methods of Periodontal Disease Epidemiology
7. Periodontal Disease Pathogenesis
8. Biofilm and Periodontal Microbiology
9. Practical Molecular Biology of Host–Microbe Interactions
10. Resolution of Inflammation
11. Precision Dentistry : Genetics of Periodontal Disease Risk and Treatment
12. Smoking and Periodontal Disease
13. The Role of Dental Calculus and Other Local Predisposing Factors
14. Influence of Systemic Conditions
15. Impact of Periodontal Infection on Systemic Health
16. Defense Mechanisms of the Gingiva
17. Gingival Inflammation
18. Clinical Features of Gingivitis
19. Gingival Enlargement
20. Acute Gingival Infections
21. Gingival Disease in Childhood
22. Desquamative Gingivitis
23. The Periodontal Pocket
24. Bone Loss and Patterns of Bone Destruction
25. Periodontal Response to External Forces
26. Masticatory System Disorders That Influence the Periodontium
27. Chronic Periodontitis
28. Aggressive Periodontitis
29. Necrotizing Ulcerative Periodontitis
30. Pathology and Management of Periodontal Problems in Patients With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
31. Levels of Clinical Significance
32. Periodontal Examination and Diagnosis
33. Radiographic Aids in the Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease
34. Clinical Risk Assessment
35. Determination of Prognosis
36. The Treatment Plan
37. Electronic Dental Records and Decision Support Systems
38. Conscious Sedation
39. Periodontal Treatment of Medically Compromised Patients
40. Sleep-Disordered Breathing
41. Periodontal Therapy in the Female Patient
42. Periodontal Treatment for Older Adults
43. Treatment of Aggressive and Atypical Forms of Periodontitis
44. Treatment of Acute Gingival Disease
45. Treatment of Periodontal Abscess
46. Endodontic-Periodontic Lesions : Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment Considerations
47. Phase I Periodontal Therapy
48. Plaque Biofilm Control for the Periodontal Patient
49. Breath Malodor
50. Scaling and Root Planing *
51. Sonic and Ultrasonic Instrumentation and Irrigation
52. Systemic Anti-infective Therapy for Periodontal Diseases
53. Locally Delivered, Controlled-Release Antimicrobials
54. Host Modulation
55. Occlusal Evaluation and Therapy
56. Orthodontics : Interdisciplinary Periodontal and Implant Therapy
57. Phase II Periodontal Therapy
58. Periodontal and Peri-Implant Surgical Anatomy
59. General Principles of Periodontal Surgery
60. Periodontal Surgical Therapy
61. Treatment of Gingival Enlargement
62. Resective Osseous Surgery
63. Periodontal Regeneration and Reconstructive Surgery
64. Furcation : Involvement and Treatment
65. Periodontal Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
66. Leukocyte- and Platelet-Rich Fibrin : Biologic Properties and Applications
67. Periodontal Microsurgery
68. Lasers in Periodontal and Peri-implant Therapy
69. Preparation of the Periodontium for Restorative Dentistry
70. Restorative Interrelationships
71. Multidisciplinary Versus Interdisciplinary Approaches to Dental and Periodontal Problems
72. Supportive Periodontal Treatment
73. Results of Periodontal Treatment
74. Peri-implant Anatomy, Biology, and Function
75. Clinical Evaluation of the Implant Patient
76. Diagnostic Imaging for the Implant Patient
77. Prosthetic Considerations for Implant Treatment
78. Basic Implant Surgical Procedures
79. Localized Bone Augmentation and Implant Site Development
80. Advanced Implant Surgical Procedures
81. Aesthetic Management of Difficult Cases (Minimally Invasive Approach)
82. Dental Implant Microsurgery : Immediate Placement
83. Piezoelectric Bone Surgery
84. Digitally Assisted Implant Surgery
85. Implant-Related Complications and Failures
86. Supportive Implant Treatment
87. Results of Implant Treatment
88. Atlas of Periodontal Diseases

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