Registration Yonsei University Library


Registration Yonsei University Library


  • Faculty of Yonsei University Health System
  • Yonsei University undergraduate/graduate students are automatically registered. You do not need to apply.
  • You need to log in to the medical library before you apply.


  • Temporary users should ask to the Yonsei library directly.
  • Yonsei Univ. alumni should register to the Yonsei library directly.
  • The ID of the Yonsei Library of YUHS staff is 6 digits of your employee number, and the initial password is 6 digits of birthdate ab !. Ex) 990512ab!
  • Non-paying teachers are available in accordance with the Medical Library Regulations, but internship / dispatching employees can’t issue IDs.
  • When you borrow books, you need to present your employee ID card or employee smart card. Employee smart card should be presented along with your resident registration card or driver’s license.