190811.04 Established as ‘Library of severance Medical School’

  • 1962
    · Relocated to Shinchon Campus
  • 1983
    · Renamed as “Yonsei University Medical Library”. Promoted to independent unit
  • 1994
    · Computerized library collections
  • 1997
    · Established Library catalog search system through internet.
    Established Largest scholarly DB which provides easy access to the customer in Korea
  • 2004
    · Started to provide customized instruction program and strengthen user-centered service
  • 2008
    · Declared a vision for a new leap and a new 100 year preparation in commemoration of centennial
  • 2012
    · Selected as a member of Korean institutional repository project by Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information. Established YUHSpace, an iinstitutional repository(IR)
  • 2013
    · Established research anaytical services to improve the competitiveness of each class
  • 2014
    · Signed an agreement with naver to strengthen the competitiveness of rearch by connecting IR to naver academic search
    · Won the Korean Library Award
  • 2016
    · Started a publication preserving project which archives published materials of YUHS in the YUHSpace
  • 2018
    · Homepage Renewal. Responsive web. Providing research information contents by subject
    · Web Award Korea 2018 Finalist awarded
    · Won Medical Library Award from Korean Medical Library Association
    · Established ORCID, SCOPUS ID services
    · 110th Anniversary Seminar “First pioneer of Korean Medical Information, History and the Future”

Currently, the medical library is a sole building with a total area of 4,298m² and has a seating capacity of 510 seats. There are about 213,000 books, 562 journal titles (248 titles in East and 314 titles in west), 15 DBs, 10,840 E-Journals And 53,000 e-books. 
On the third and fourth floors of the library, self-study rooms with 394 seats are open 24 hours a day, allowing students to use them freely.

The History of Yonsei University Medical Library The first lantern of Korean medical information, Its history and future

The First & The Best The Yonsei University Medical Library, the first and the best medical library in Korea. Yonsei University has a history of more than 110 years in which our seniors have been working hard for the development of Korean medicine while studying hard in the national crisis and harsh environment. Through the history of the medical library, you can share the development of Korean medical information.

2018. Medical Libary 110th Anniversary promotion video

110th Anniversary Seminar

Yonsei University Medical Library Promotion Video

Yonsei University Medical Library 100th Anniversary Photo Album