Open Hours


Open Hours

Open Hours

  • During semester
    During semester
    Item weekday Weekends and holidays
    Opening hours 08:00 ~ 20:00 Closed
    Copy room 08:30 ~ 19:00 Closed
  • During vacation (2018 Winter vacation period: January 14, 2019 – February 24)
    During vacation
    item weekday Weekends and holidays
    Opening hours 08:00 ~ 17:30 Closed
    Copy room 08:30 ~ 17:30 Closed
  • 3rd and 4th floor students’ self-study room is open 24 hours

Student self-study room

  • Hours : Open 24 hours (air-conditioning stops during vacation on the 4th floor self-study room)
  • Applicable to : medical college, dental college, nursing college, undergraduate students and medical specialized graduate school, dental specialized graduate school students
    • Medical college students : Availabe with ID card issued by college of medicine
    • Dental college / nursing college : Available after registering Yonsei University ID card at the first floor loan desk of the medical library


  • Loan period: 5 books 14 days
  • Please note that mail (3 days before) and SMS (2 days before) will be sent out to inform you of the return schedule.
  • Periodicals, reference books, designated books and dissertations are not available for loan.
  • Book returning box: Available outside opening hours, and late fees will be paid at the nex
    During semester
    item weekday Weekends and holidays
    During semester 19:00 ~ 8:30 Fri 19:00 ~ Mon 08:30
    During vacation 17:30 ~ 08:30 Fri 17:30 ~ Mon 08:30
  • Late fee : 500 won per day per book, overdue over 1 month is considered as lost.(claim Three times the market price of compensation)
  • Quick borrowing : Allows you to borrow instantly from the library loan desk after receiving a text message (within 2 hours) after applying for a book (book) you want to borrow.
    Quick borrowing request will be prohibited for two months if you don’t borrow the requested book after a request.
  • Loan renewal :  If the book is not overdue and there is no booker, the loan can be renewed three times. The loan period will be extended by two weeks from the date of renewal
    Please check whether the extension succeeded or not and renewed due date.
    Extension of Yonsei university library loan should be called by library (02-2228-2912) or e-mail and can be renewed only once.
  • Reserve a loan : If you reserve a book in loan, you will receive a text message immediately upon returning the book, and you can borrow it within three days of receiving it.
    If you are unable to borrow the book, please cancel your reservation so that the next waiting person can use it.
    You can give up your privilege of borrow the book and get second order in the waiting line, at the day you recived a arrival message of your reserved book. (only by phone and e-mail)
    If you do not borrow your book without canceling within the period, you will be automatically canceled. If the automatic cancellation is excuted 3 times, You can’t reserve a book for 1 month.
  • Quick borrowing and reservation can be requested fromthe detailed information page after searching the catalog