• Faculty of YUHS will be registered automatically. You do not need to sign on manually.
  • Default ID of YUHS faculty is 0+6 digits of employee number, password is yymmddab! (yymmdd is your birthday). Ex)990512ab!


Type Yonsei Univ. Students Temporary Users Library Member Honorary Member
User Undergraduate and graduate students of Yonsei Univ. Employee without YUHS employee number Medicaa · Dental · Nursing college · Public Health school Alumnus or selected co-op physicians Retired faculty of YUHS (over 20 years of service)
Validity in school in office 1 year 1 year
Available Services Check Check Check Check


  • The Book loan service is provided to faculty, students and honorary members. Non-paid professors, interns and dispatched employees must submit a gqarantor form. please ask to the library.
  • Honorary members and use the book loan service.
  • The 24-hour self-study room is limited to undergraduates of Shinchon Medical college, Dental College, and Nursing College. Dental and nursing students can enter self-study room after registering their student ID at the library.
  • Electronic materials are available within YUHS buildings. Violation the rules of electronic material uses may limit the use of medical library services.
  • Off Campus access services are provided to faculty and staff members of YUHS, undergraduate and graduate students of medical, dental, nursing colleges and health graduate schools.
  • If you violate compliance with medical library operating regulations, library can stop providing services.