Request Analysis Report


Request Analysis Report

Research paper analysis service

Yonsei University Medical Library provides research analysis services to identify the status of individual researchers, classrooms and universities, and to enhance research competitiveness.
This service is based on the search for articles registered in YRI (Yonsei Researcher Information, Yonsei Univ. Research Service System) and Web of Science which contains SCI / SCIE published journals by Thomson Reuter and SCOPUS article data. We provided a analysis report of these data. Since the two DBs may have different results depending on which DB is selected because the number of listed DBs is different from that of listed DBs, DBs should be selected when requesting a report.
(Note: As of November 2013, the number of listed journals: 12,000 Web of Science and 20,000 SCOPUS)
When you request items you want to add in addition to the default information provided by the medical library, you can request customized reports that reflect those items.
This report will be forwarded to the applicant only and will not be disclosed.
Personal request
  • ·List of articles, number of citations, h-Index, Impact Factor, etc.
    Only medical students, dental colleges, nursing colleges, health graduate school teachers / graduate students can apply.
Classroom, university
  • Impact Factor, Comparative Analysis of the Top 5 Universities, etc. 
    Only  the classrooms belonging to medical schools, dental colleges, nursing universities, and health graduate schools can apply


The medical library conducts periodical education and customized education on Web of Science / Journal Citation Reports and SCOPUS, which are DBs used for analyzing research papers.