Available users

  • Students of School of Medicine / Dental College / College of Nursing and their affiliated institution
  • Yonsei University Health System staff, faculty / temporary users and honorary members

How to use

  • After retrieving the collection data, search for books (monographs) rom the third floor reading room and borrow from the first floor
  • Check the book’s availability first. Only available books can be borrowed


  • Books can be borrowed up to 5 books / 2 weeks.
  • The loan period can be renewed up to three times within the period.
  • The late fee is 500 won per day, and long-term delinquents over a month are posted at the entrance of the library.
  • Special books such as serials (journals) / reference books (dictionaries) / dissertations can not be borrowed.

Book Availability

  • Available : books in bookshelves, quick borrow service available
  • In loan : books under loan, reservations available
  • Equip on Reservation Bookshelf : waiting for borrowing on the reserved bookshelf after reservation. Additional reservation can be made.
  • Apply Loan Reservation : waiting for borrowing on the requested bookshelf after a book request. Additional reservation can be made.