Quick Borrow


Quick Borrow

Quick borrow is a service that you can request a book from library hompage and borrow from 1st floor circulation desk after 2 hours

Available users

  • Staff, faculty and students of Yonsei University Health System

How to use

  • After searching the catalog, select Quick loan from the detailed information screen of the book to be borrowed
  • After receiving a reply that says the book is ready to borrow, visit the library circulation desk
  • Ready to borrow alret will be sent by SMS (if there is no cellphone contacts, we will send a E-mail)
  • If you do not borrow within 24 hours, cancel the service automatically


  • If you do not make a loan three times after the application, you can not use the Quick Borrow Service for 2 months.
  • Visiting user is prior to Quick borrow service request.
  • Quick borrow can only be requested if book status is available.
  • Maximum 5 books are available. If you request more than that, it will be canceled