Computer, S/W, Printer, Copier, Scanner


Computer, S/W, Printer, Copier, Scanner

Wi-Fi services

  • You can connect Wi-Fi in every rooms of medical library
  • Faculty, employees request: IT Helpdesk(02-2228-1171)
  • Medical col.: 02-2228-2026, Dental col.: 02-2228-3005, Nursing col.: 02-2228-3367, Publ.Health col.: 02-2228-1506
  • Students enrolled in other colleges can’t use YUHS Wi-Fi
  • Available services by floor

  • MS Office, Hangeul word and Adobe Photoshop are installed on every PC
  • There are 4 Gangnam OCS/EMR for trainees.
Available services by floor
1st floorReading room 4 Available Available Sinchon/Gangnam(no.4) Not Available
2st floorReading room 6 Not Available Available Sinchon Available
3st floorReading room 6 Not Available Not Available Sinchon Available
3st Self-study room 14 Available Available Sinchon/Gangnam(no.11,12) Not Available
4st Self-study room 4 Available Not Available Sinchon/Gangnam(no.4) Not Available


  • Be sure to log out after using OCS / EMR
  • No games, illegal sharing programs allowed
  • Do not eat or drink food on PC seats
  • Please do not occupy a seat too long

Install S/W to your PC

The installation software is provided separately by the respective departments. Please contact each provider for installation and use

  • SPSS

    Medical School E-Learning Center (Tel. 82026)
  • SAS

    Information Strategy Planning Team (Tel. 81166)
  • MS Office, Hangeul Word processor

    IT Help Desk (Tel 115)
  • Adobe CC

    Medical School E-Learning Center (Tel 82026)
  • Prism, Amos, MATLAB

    Not Provided by YUHS (Personal purchase required)

Statistical Package (SPSS, SAS) License Notice

  • SPSS license is a education license for School of medicine. Use of Hospital and Administrative department name while using SPSS is prohibited
  • SAS is licensed to staffs and faculties of Yonsei University Health System.
  • Tel. 02-2228-2913